Weekends Away

Weekends away are good for the soul, ya know? No "to-do" list, no errands, no chores, etc... Weekends away at the beach with some of our family are even better for the soul. The sun, the fresh air, the sand between your toes... Sandcastles, skipping rocks, watching the kids splash in the water and laugh until it hurts... The late night adult hysterics after the kids go to bed, all the food cooked & ate & all the cuddles & conversations from the kids...

The real life grind is real, y'all. And, sometimes not at all glamorous...Sometimes we all just need a good break. Sometimes we need a good break often ;-) We have been very fortunate to take escape it all a few times this summer season to vacation and spend time with family. Honestly, to step away from day to day life, just wash our hands of it all, and just love on family while we rejuvenate is such a blessing.

While I do have a suitcase full of laundry to do today & sand to dump out of nearly everything we took along, my heart is full... and thats some good fuel to get this week started if you ask me. 

1 comment:

  1. What a crazy fun & LOUD weekend. lol Definitely great to get away. Yup laundry & sand souvenirs!