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Ugh. Monday. Especially this monday. There isn't enough coffee in the world to fix today. But, I'll drink two cups for good measure. End of summer is upon me. I haven't felt the end of summer-school starting dread for more than a decade... and today I woke up with all those feelings rushing back. No bueno. I don't like it. Let's cancel the school year, mmmkay?? It's not even that Nae is starting school thats got me buggin'....its just the getting back on a schedule. Finding a new groove. I feel sick even typing that. bleh. I'm not exactly known for doing well with change... soooo yeah..... I'm gonna go ahead and ask that y'all go ahead and expect a full mental breakdown from me. I had Tom mark his calendar back in May for me to be emotionally and mentally unstable through August. Consider yourself warned.
So really what I have prepared to share today is all inspired by a few ugly days of rain and then extreme heat a couple weeks back where I almost prematurely had my mental breakdown due to stuck-insidedness. (Remember, I like to make up words. Please stay with me....this could be the beginning of my mental break) So...

Lets talk iPads, shall we? Love them but hate them. Love the portable source of entertainment for sticky situations like flying, doctor waiting rooms (when I desperately don't want the kids to touch the   germ filled train table--especially in the wintertime!) etc. I HATE when my kids are just sitting around though. Cant. even. stand. it. More days than not, the iPads don't ever get handed out. With that said, again, iPads do come in handy.... its nice to give them 15 minutes of iPad time so I can wash the floor or do some chore that I really need them to get lost for a bit.  I find that about two times a year or so we go through and clean them up a bit. I'll delete what few shows we have downloaded on it and get some new ones for them for those longer scenarios that I need some peace and quiet from them when we are on the go. I also get rid of the apps that no longer get played etc. So the other week was SO BLOODY HOT that I couldn't even handle it outside. Jay gets heat rash pretty bad and he has been all kinds of broken out this summer with that and his eczema so I was trying to keep them inside a little bit more for that stretch of days. Like I said before this was right after we had a few rainy days in a row so we had been inside for more days than I preferred.  I of course saw a glimpse of my very near future of cold winter weather where we are stuck inside with "nothing to do"....Panic set in and I realized it was time for an iPad overhaul and to treat them on those hot hot hot days with some quiet playtime. After all, we have been playing really hard all summer and they deserve a little break. I didn't mind the quiet break either, I must admit

Everytime I sit down to do this little iPad cleanup action I'm always like completely at a loss for ideas of what to put back on them that will be new and exciting. I usually instantly search Pinterest for some ideas to get the ball rolling. It's actually really hard to just open the app store and just find cool stuff. So, I finally just start searching terms of things my kids are interested in and then from there its total shots in the dark as to if they app is cool or not. I try to get free apps but I'm not opposed to a few dollars here and there. I loved that a few of these are "free" and then you can upgrade to the full version if you want which is what we did when we decided we liked them.  But I wanted to share some of our new favorites: 

Jay is all things with wheels these day so the Kids Vehicles ones were like best things since sliced bread for that boy. He is OBSESSED with the Construction one but loves the other one too. Those even have some fun little digital "coloring" pages  that are big hit with both kids actually.

Ok, to be honest....I could totally sit and play the Barbie apps myself. They are way too much fun! The fashionistas you can digital change Barbie's hair, clothes, shoes, accessories....and then do a photoshoot. The Pastry Chef is also way fun. You can make the cutest cakes! (Nae already has easy bake oven app on hers which she ADORES so I thought this one might be a hit!) I like that it gives you directions of what to do and reminds you of what barbie wants it to look like...Kinda reinforces those listening and direction following skills ;-)

Lego Duplo food & train are really cute. Playing digital legos is way more up my alley than the 500 million little pieces laying around my house.  There are TONS of Lego apps with any theme your child might be interested in. So you def. need to check those out if you havent! Both kids specifically really really love the food one. 

Mika Sweeper Spin is fun! Both kids like that one too. You can choose leaves or candy that will be on a street to be swept away by the street sweeper. There are some fun sound effects and bubbles. It's cute.

I'ma Unicorn is hysterical. I bought some add ons. I'm a total sucker for ridiculous stuff like this and so are the kids. (hello! Helium photo booth anyone?? We make videos on that and send them to Tom at work like its our freaking job! lol!)

Finally, the Speck iGuy cases. I mentioned them on here because I can't even believe how many people comment about them when we are out places. I guess I thought they were pretty common but I'm realizing they are not as known about as I had thought! You can find them at Target, Best Buy...or just google and buy on the Speck website if you want! They come in lots of colors and for all the different iPad sizes.

So thats our new little iPad roundup! And for anyone who is not yet panicked about "insidedness" ...well then you should be! Seriously RUN, don't walk, and get your act together already!  To any fellow Mamas today I wish you a Happy Monday and may your Mom game be strong this week.

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