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I've been a little slow around these parts lately. I've been having a lot of feelings here lately. Some of them are rational and other completely irrational. To start we are now in Nae's third week of school and just over the weekend is when I finally started waking up and not feeling tired, exhausted, & overwhelmed from the schedule change. It kinda took me and her down a little harder than I expected physically but emotionally and mentally I handled it better than anticipated. I had one good ugly cry about two days before she started and then it was out of my system. lol

Fall soccer & dance start this next weekend/week and the pool is about to close. I'm ready for these changes. I have LOVED swimming this year and seeing both kids make huge strides with their swimming skills but I'm so over being in the sun. And so over washing the towels and swimsuits.  I know like 4 months from now I'd kill for our current weather but I can't help but admit I'm ready for fall...

I can't even handle the excitement I feel about sweaters, leggings, & my ugg boots. The comfy girl in me just can't get enough of fall and winter fashions.  I ordered a new pair of my favorite leggings and then I just decided to give up life and order these legging-jeans. Y'all...I don't even care anymore. I do. not. care. My heart starts racing with excitement to think about wearing them. They are coming today and I've already mentally blocked the timeframe that UPS comes by the house to stalk out the window so that I can personally take the box of happiness from the driver. Make fun of me all you want..nothing you can possible say will make me feel bad about this. I'm gonna so comfy while the rest of you wear your REAL jeans. boo-yah!

 If I could share a visual of what my mind is like most of the time it would be my playroom:

Lets see....what else is stirring my emotions.....

Ah, yes. Tis the season of duel sport addiction. The fall/winter is the season of nascar AND football in this house. While I enjoy each of the sports to a certain extent (football more than nascar), it is also a season of life known as total quality time abandonment on Sundays from Tom. LOL! (He hates that I say this...which I mostly say just to stir him up. Lets see if he still reads my blog. I'm sure I'll hear about it, if so!)

Oh gosh and lets not forget about the leaves. I know I've already spouted off about this on here but this is real issue in my life. When we bought this house we failed to evaluate the tree situation. I feel like this issue should have been listed on the MLS sheet when it was on the market. You know how like you have to make a disclaimer if the foundation is bad or something. I mean shit. This is really valuable info. I wish I could have known our trees would be the first & last ones in the neighborhood to drop each year. That is completely disclaimer worthy! The first trees to drop leaves aren't even our flippin frackin trees but they line our fence and just dump all over the place. This starts in September. Honestly, they are already turning colors which is why I'm all angry and violent about this already. Our damn pear trees don't drop their leaves until December each year. At which point I start praying for snow to just dump down on us and cover them up, getting me out of the task of raking. (it makes for a messy spring I must admit but by December I'd chew off my right arm over raking AGAIN.) I can't wait until this little mini army I've created is old enough to go out and do the leaves themselves while I sit inside and drink all the wine and feel all warm and fuzzy in my heart. Does that even ever happen?? Please say yes.

This morning I was doing some meal planning for the week and I suddenly got excited to make chili! That helped fill the emptiness I'm feeling from the dual sport abandonment issues I'm experiencing. Chili fixes everything in the fall. I think with chili and my new denim leggings I should be able to maintain a semi sane mental state this fall. And using my crockpot. That will most definitely help too. Oh and red wine too. Can't forget that.

Other things that are making me happy:

-Our TV shows starting again in September
- Jen Hatmaker's new book "For the Love" ...I'm about halfway through it and it is so good. It makes my heart and mind feel at ease and its really funny too.
-This lazy girl workout. Because as I've said before some of the time  most of the time I really only have about 15 - 20 minutes a couple times a week to squeeze in a good endorphin boost. Plus I like that I don't even have to stand up. bahaahahah
-Planning a little weekend away with my husband. It's been since last Christmas since we have had a kid free weekend and Tom sadly had the flu the entire time. So this is a much needed break with just him!
-Spending so much one on one time with Jay has been really great the last couple weeks. I feel like he has really gained some independence from Nae and he has been a really fun little dude to run errands with.

So I just wanted to do a little check in with you all and let you know whats on my mind...because I just know you all have really missed me ;-) lol

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  1. I made Chili on friday and I switched to fall polish last week there is no going back