Summer - Lovin'... Our Life

Just like everyone else in the world, our life is not anywhere near perfect. Trust me ;-) But, choosing to take life one day at a time and fill it with as much joy as possible, is what our focus is. Choosing to love the life we already have. When I chose the word "centered" for this year for my "word of the year" or goal this is part of what I had in mind. I think after too many years to saying "yes" too often to everyone else, Tom and I just finally broke down and knew we needed to re-evaluate how we spend our precious time. This year sorta starts a bigger family life shift for us. The transition from the easy-no commitment- baby years to extra ciriculars and school for Nae.  Only to leave Jay to follow up next year starting preschool (most likely...darn summer birthdays make that a hard call when to start!) This summer has felt like the last part of a phase of our lives and next week begins a transition to the next phase when we put Nae's backpack on her shoulders for the first time (she went to a one day a week "School Skills" class last year but it was not like the school she will go to this year)  Jay & I have to find a new "life" that doesn't involve her half the week. So we have been focused on family and truly living life with intention.

When Janae was a baby she was so SO SO SO SO SO colicky. I cringe just remembering it. You guys.. I cried. She cried...much more than her mother though.  I had to leave the room. It lasted THREE whole months every single night from 6-9pm like clockwork. As soon as that ended she had severe acid reflux...like to the point that she refused to eat for 2 whole days because it hurt too bad. I remember wishing away too much of her babyhood....and now we are here. So instead of wishing away the phase where Jay won't sit still at dinner...or pops all the keys off your computer keyboard (tom discovered that one...& it wasn't his best moment LOL)...or drives through our fence....or where Nae won't let Jay touch her toys..EVER!...or when Nae repeated me saying the word "pissy" (bad mommy moment. I hang my head in shame. We had a lil chat. I think we are ok. By we, I mean she. #washmymouthoutwithsoapalready I feel like a loser.)...all the bazillion other daily battles, we are trying to find all the joy in all the amazing moments that far outweigh the crazy ones.

This summer has felt so busy and crazy... but in a good way! Are we tired? YES. We are busy bodies. It's just who were are.  But, am I ready for a slower pace of fall? YES. (except for raking leaves. OMGosh the leaves!!! #holdme Who wants to come gift us with the service of raking leaves?? lol!!! I'll pay you by letting you babysit my kids!....wait...what? hahahah ok ok that is prob not a good deal but you don't know till you put it out there! lol...But...I'll prob be doing it myself with lil Jay's help because I gotta find some ways to really tucker this kid out more often!) But, I'd rather be tired and have happy full hearts knowing we did what felt was important and that we seized the opportunities that had actual impact on our lives rather than filling our days with nothingness.

This last month was a turning point. I felt like so many amazing things took shape.

Traveling with family...those opportunities are few and far between! It's not often that multiple families can coordinate dates and all the details involved.

7 months of swim lessons for my "timid of water" little girl and a summer of friends at the pool and this girl officially is without a life jacket. (ONLY WHEN SHE HAS UNDIVIDED MONITORING from a parent) ...her confidence in all things always trickles down to her baby bro who watches and mimics her every move. Just in May, in Mexico, my dude wasn't even sure he wanted to step foot in a baby pool and now kicks and swims around with his life jacket on his own and jumps in along side Nae. (although the ice cream breaks are still his favorite part)

Taking time for Tom and I to do one on one "dates" with the kids. Giving them our undivided attention. To name a couple...

Tom took Jay to a local tractor dealership and it was by far the highlight of Jay's life. The employee knew darn well they were only there to fulfill a 2 yr old's obsession with tractors and that nice gentleman took Jay up onto 5 different tractors and started them up with him! I mean how freaking adorable is that??

Taking Nae school clothes and back pack shopping and then lunching at her favorite "fancy" restaurant. She felt like a million bucks that day! Getting my undivided attention to chat with her about all her favorite things.

Or letting them stay up late to catch lightening bugs!

I feel like, truly, just being intentional about how we spend our "busy-ness" has paid off in ways that words can't describe. I just had a conversation with one of my oldest & truest friends last week about how we just can't do it all...I've tried. Haven't we all? But maintaining an active social life, family, jobs, hobbies....it doesn't all fit all the time. There are seasons of life. Acknowledging which one you are in and what to do to not only survive it but thrive is key.  Finding happiness in the life we already live and stop the looking forward to what "seems" like might be a better/easier/happier phase. Because all seasons of life have their challenges. I've been around the block enough to know that by now.

...Did I mention Jay drove through our fence and Nae is starting Pre-K? Omgosh. Someone get me some wine ;-)

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