Bedroom Switch

I vow from this day forward to never let friends and family make a bad room decisions when setting up their house. ...

So when we moved into this 4 bedroom house 3 1/2 years ago, I was all a dreamy and googly eyed thinking that I would make our guest bedroom partially a craft room for me so we chose to make our second largest bedroom our guest bedroom however my craft room never happened. Partially due to cost of needing to buy the right furniture to make that work and secondly because let's be honest like I have time to just go sit and craft quietly in my own space. It's laughable really. I mean I clearly was drunk or mental or both when I decided how to set up this house. Anywhoooo.....
Nae got the third largest room and then Jay ended up with our smallest room. Which is been totally fine with the exception of it backing up to our master bathroom and anytime we open and close drawers and cabinets in there it's extremely loud ...and he is a very light sleeper. So that's problem numero uno. Then problem number two has arisen knowing that he needed to move out of the small toddler bed into a regular full-size bed. It was going to eat up almost all the room and not leave any room for toys or any place space for him to actually just enjoy being in his room.
Problem (or situation I should say) number three is that for the last nine months or so Nae has been asking to have her previously purple room painted pink. I purposefully made that request drag out because I really wanted to make sure that she really wanted a pink room even though I knew it was her favorite color I wanted to make sure that we didn't just do it on a whim and then she change her mind. She has steadily asked for a pink room since. Those three problems combine is what led to our ridiculous bedroom switcheroo! We literally had to switch all 3 rooms. #shootme
So here are the only photos I can find of their old rooms:

So...yes, of course, we could've just painted Janae's room and only move Jay and the guest bedroom around but we felt like because she's the oldest plus she's a girl she deserved the biggest room with the biggest closet because.. Hello! Clothes! Girl stuff!!
Jay moved into her old room and guest bedroom went into Jay's room which really makes the most sense that the room that's closed off 90% of the year is the smallest one. Less wasted space this way :-) We started painting Janae's room about a month ago and while the kids were away this weekend we moved her into that room and then painted and moved Jay into his new room! There are a few minor details to iron out yet (for instance jay prob doesnt need a chandalier hanging in his boy room and Nae needs a ceiling fan installed...) but they are loving their new rooms and I just wanted to show a few of our DIY's from it!!

I cant believe the transformations and we really spent minimal money. For framed wall art we either already had it or I simply searched Pinterest for free printables and then just printed on our home printer. We did have to buy another mattress set but that had to happen no matter if we switched rooms or not. So that expense was expected all along and planned for. Jay got to pick out new bedding as did Janae when she got her bedding almost 2 years ago. Since it was in good condition and still bedding she likes she kept hers. I've made sure to not buy character or themed big items like comforters so that their bedding fits whatever phase they are in. Sheets, I've let choose whatever they want though. Nae has horses for summer months and hearts for flannel sheets in winter. It is no shocker that Jay chose construction sheets for his summer sheets. (we dont have flannels for him yet)

Both kids curtains, chairs, dressers, and most of the wall art we already owned! Jay's paint for his room was leftover paint from our kitchen so there was no expense there! We did buy the pink paint. 

Janae and I DIY/repurposed this fun canvas that I already had! She was in charge of the glitter ;-) and helping paint the pink! She does deserve credit for painting nearly one entire wall of her room!!

In addition to that, we took off her light switch plates and with mod podge and glitter she and I coated them in purple glitter per her choice! They actually add the cutest most fun little pop to her room!!

We had to buy the galvanized piping to make the shelves in Jay's room which was not super cheap but also not completely crazy in comparison to just buying shelves. That raw wood was a slab that we had brought back from my parents house!! Tom simply just cut the slab up, drilled holes in it so the pipes could go through to support the wood for shelves!! I have a major crush on these shelves. So freaking cute.

The rooms are a hit! They both love them so much and I'm happy to finally have our original poor decision in the past ;-)