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I actually super duper love reading but have really lost the discipline to sit still to do so. In the last 3 or 4 months or so though I've really been trying to make it more of a habit. I've read some really good books and wanted to share them today. I don't enjoy tv, movies, or books that really make me nervous/scared/uncomfortable...nor do I really like to have to think a lot. I mean this is about down time and relaxing for me so what I usually spend my time on is "fluff" ;-) So here we go:
"For the Love" was such a good "Mama" read. Love every page of it. It's uplifting... hilarious..and encouraging. I can't even say enough about how good it was!

I FLEW through this book! I love a good romance! I can't believe Chris Harrison wrote this but it really was great if you like romance.

I had read the original Love Languages sometime around when we got married (7 years ago this Sunday!!) and after I saw someone post about this on their blog or IG a while back I had to immediately read it too. It's not a lot "different' in concept but it really was a good read and eye opening to look at our children the same way we would our spouse as far as their needs and what makes them feel loved. I think we all tend to only show and give love the way that we like to receive it best and that sometimes is not sufficient for our children who do not understand!

Im embarrassed to say I started this book like a year ago. Emily Giffin is one of my favorite authors but for some reason when I tried to start it, it just didn't grab me. So I picked it back up late spring and was sucked in immediately. So good! Again, I'm a sucker for romance...


Woah nelly...I'm gonna be honest and say "Mad Love" is a little saucy but I just can't stop reading romance novels. hahahahah It was a tad errrrr, ummm ....."descriptive" so if that isn't your thing then this one might be a bit much but I'm not particularly bothered by such details. The sequel was just released so I just began that last week. So far so good! 

And finally, from another favorite author, I've began "Cocktails for Three" because Sophie Kinsella is the best!

Once I finish my current books I'm hoping to start another Jen Hatmaker book (author of "For the Love")....and I don't know what else! Any good recommendations??

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  1. i really need to get back into reading....maybe in a few months when I wouldn't fall asleep after the first page.