Halloween Family Night!!

This year I decided to plan a Halloween family night! In the years past I've blogged and shared about having fun playdate parties for Halloween... but now that we contend with schools schedules as many of the kids have gotten older and our group growing in size too it just doesn't really work anymore. I decided it was time to shift gears and pour my energy into a fun night as family instead!! Im so ecstatic over my plans that I just had to share! I love a good theme for any ole regular day especially when we have a stay at home family night. I thought Id go ahead and share my plans in case anyone is inspired to plan their own Halloween family night this week!

I had a good general plan and then hit up my girl Kelly to help me fill in a few gaps on movie selection etc. She gave me some other super fun ideas too!

To begin I hopped on pic monkey and made up the fun little invite at the top that I plan to hand out after dinner tonight. Listen... my kids eat that sort of thing up! It makes it seem so special and gives them the whole week to look at the invite get super excited!

As the months cool off and we spend less time outside we always try to hang out in the basement more for a change of scenery. So Friday, I plan to decorate down there and get us all set up for our whole night down there! (a big thanks to tons of fun hand me down decor I just acquired from my sister-n-law over this last weekend!!)

Halloween Family Night

I found a fun Halloween Bingo game on Etsy that was only like a 5 dollar download. So I bought that and printed it here at home on some nice photo paper!

After a long text convo hashing out all the Halloween movie choices, Kelly finally led me to choose Casper!

Between her ideas and consulting my tried and true Pinterest, I decided Id be serving the fun Halloween themed treats shown above. As well as trying out some witches brew! I looked up tons of recipes but I think I'll follow the simple directions found here. If all goes well I hope to make again for all the neighborhood kids to enjoy Saturday night while they are trick or treating!

Last but not least if you know me at all you know I live for holiday socks! I get this from my own mother...and I was tickled to death when Nae asked me to find her some too this year! So we will wear our halloween socks and have a dance party too. Because dance parties in the basement is one of our favorite activities! I grabbed that fun Kidz Bop Halloween Hits for our dance party!!

I cant wait to just put on our sweats, cuddle in, and have a super fun Halloween themed night on Friday!

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