Chickens in the Kitchen

This whole post started because I'm finishing up the last bit of Christmas shopping which means one small gift that Santa leaves for each Tom and I. We don't exchange gifts anymore but Santa leaves something for everyone. So I've desperately been needing new bakeware. I've mentioned before that I'm a major Rachel Ray fan. I have a purple set of her pots and pans...and tons of her purple stone bakeware too. I LOVE IT. So when thinking about what Santa needs to bring myself and Tom  I instantly new I wanted a Rachel Ray baking set...

What I didn't expect to trouble me was that she is releasing a new "lavender" set of cookware and now I'm completely passing out over this new shade. Raise your hand if you think I'd be nuts to buy a whole new set of cookware because of a shade change?? I mean I can't see any of you raising your hands so I'm still keeping the notion on the table until I make a responsible decision. But seriously...Come to Mama! Holy smokes its so pretty. And then I decided I want those plates and garbage bowl too.

So while I do some soul searching before I click purchase on my absurd Rachey Ray online cart I thought I share some of the yummy recipes I've tried and loved lately! I generally cook at least 5-6 dinners per week and do carry out or go out to eat for the other one or two. And usually I make at least one new recipe each week too. I love trying new things. I personally the love the excitement of trying something new but I love it for the family too. Family dinner is where its at, people.

But I love even more when I know whats worth trying and what is not so I'm sharing some of my recent Pinterest favorites!

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       Do you have any awesome recipes to share??? Or any favorite kitchen must haves??

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