Nae & Jay Everyday ...and a little of Tom and I too ;-)

Just a little update on how things have been shakin' out around here lately ;-) We are as crazy and nutso as always. Never a dull moment in this family...

Jay is getting much more independent. Dresses himself and chooses clothes. Buckles himself. Id be lying if I didn't admit that the buckling himself really tests my patience. Omgosh I can hardly handle even thinking about it. It takes so painfully long. But, he is so proud when he gets it.

He chooses to wear a football shirt almost every day right now which makes his Dad so happy!

Only wants to watch "Monster" machines as he calls it (its actually called Mighty Machines) or the movie Cars.
He loooooves playdoh, driving his truck outside, and apparently drawing on our walls. (seriously, this drawing on the walls situation is out of control.)
He fights his nap almost every day now which has me in a full on panic. I NEED his nap time!  He is completely done with his paci now as of 2 weeks ago. (He has been sleeping with it still ever since we took it away during day about a year ago)

He uses the word "poop" in nearly every conversation ....

and we still cant figure out if he is left handed or right handed. He uses both equally?!?!
He is a total snuggle bug when he finally stops moving and I cant get enough of it. He comes to our room almost every morning at 5am and snuggles up to me and goes back to sleep for another hour.

He is ALL BOY through and through and talks ALL THE TIME. Like, seriously... even Janae tells him to "just stop talking, Jay!!". He recently talked for an entire 2 hour car ride...we all were on the brink of tears when we finally arrived. 

Janae is in  major social butterfly mode. She wants to talk and play with everyone and constantly is trying to make social plans with friends. This is a good time for me to remind you I threw myself a birthday party at like age 6 without telling my Mom...so I def. need to keep my eye on this little lady. Like Mother, like daughter, I'm afraid. She definitely has the busiest social calendar in the family. lol

Her teacher at school calls her the "mother hen" in the room ...she is always trying to take care of the other kids. One day her teacher was out sick so the owner of the school taught that day and she apparently took Ms. Lori (the owner) by the hand and said .."don't worry, I'll show you what to do!" bahahahahahahha
She has such an artistic spirit. Always always always making, creating, arranging, designing, decorating, etc. I love seeing that part of myself in her! She can make anything from nothing. She brought home actual trash (a solo cup and empty marshmallow bag) from our neighbors house because it was good "supplies". <insert me fainting from mild embarrassment & hysterical laughing>

Dress up is a huge part of her life. Being fancy is a MUST. She asks me every morning if she looks "fabulous"

Right now swim class is her FAVORITE followed closely by dance.
She HATES when I put her hair in a ponytail and loves to secretly put on my makeup. 

My Little Ponies, Sofia the First, Full House, & Barbie Dream-house are her favorite shows...but is always so agreeable to watching Jays shows. She doesn't sit still like she used to for TV or movies. (She gets this from me. I can't sit still either) She always gets bored and goes off to play. 
Playing pretend "Mom & Dad" is one of her favorites. 
She will drop anything to come help me cook each evening and her room is alway a huge mess. Like MEGA MESS. Its like she has a huge fight with her closet every single day. I dread seeing what it looks like when she is a teenager! 

As for Tom and I...we have been binge watching Nashville on Netflix. So obsessed! Along with enjoying our shows that came back this fall- Mindy Project on Hulu ...Modern Family...and on Thursdays we love to cuddle in with a bottle of red wine and watch Scandal & Grey's Anatomy. 
Many weekends have been filled with family visiting or us driving to one of our family members. 

Best of all we added a new member to our family!!! A NEW NIECE and God child for Tom!!! <insert major squealing with excitement from me and Nae>

We have been loving football season too...making yummy game day foods together and occasionally hanging out with some neighbors for some of the day games and actually going to a few games here and there too. 

We may or may not have stumbled on some front row tickets....they were on the Patriots side..but beggars can't be choosers, right? It was still SO MUCH FUN!
We have been planning our family vacation this winter to Disney (a first for ALL of us!!! yay!)  and working hard on our Christmas shopping!! (so close to being finished!! hooray!) Dealing with leaves has been a total chore lately but at least the kids can play and have fun while we work on them. 
Oh! As you can tell we also tortured our kids with family photos. I totally bribed them with candy corn the entire time. 

So that is a lot of what we have been up to lately!! Can you even believe we are heading into the holidays?? Where did this year go? 

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