Tis the Season!

Ahhhh I love this time of year!!!!! I love everything from the REAL meaning of Christmas to the meaningless yet fun traditions, & all the family time.

Confession: I put my tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving every year. Now before you go hating on me let me explain ...We almost ALWAYS travel for Thanksgiving which means when we get back at the end of that long weekend we are so so tired and have tons of stuff to put away and laundry to do...grocery shopping etc. I love walking in... & seeing my house all ready for the Christmas season!

Somehow or another we have a nearly 5 year old and a 2 1/2 yr old and I still feel like we don't have a ton of actual traditions. I'm sure we will get it all ironed out just in time for them to start poo-poo'ing them all. lol  

But the traditions that I'm loving are:

 1. Going shopping to pick out an ornament each year that best represents their current interests or whatever they pick out on their own and just LOVE! I use a sharpie to mark the year on each one so that I can give them all to them when they are an adult!

Right now we have them on this small tree in the playroom. I hope next year that Jay will be a older and bit of a better listener (lol) that we can move to a bigger tree on the ground in there!

2. Driving through the Reynolds light display at least once a week! 

3. Giving. We give to different organizations all year long but at Christmas time its so important to us to help be a part of making Christmas a special time for those who won't otherwise feel the magic of the season.
 -to every single Salvation Army bell ringer we come across.
-donating our outgrown and older coats each year
-participating in our local food drives
 -adopting a local family to provide Christmas for
 -participating in the gift drive at church
 -shopping and filling shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child

4. Matching Christmas jammies. OMGAAAH! I love this.
I love nothing more that seeing my cute babies in matching holiday pjs. To. Die. For.  Completely "meaningless" but completely pulls at my heartstrings!

5. All the Christmas movies. I LOVE THEM. Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, & A Christmas Story are my FAVORITES! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are NOT RIGHT without A Christmas Story for me. It is a MUST. 

6. This time of year I feel enormously proud to be married to Tom.  
This is his time to shine. Babe, you are so special. I'm so SO lucky. You are all mine.

7. Christmas socks. You all already know holiday socks are my jam. Holiday socks make me so happy inside...there are no words....
I just ordered these this year!!
 (I've adopted a bit of a nutcracker theme around the house the last two years so I couldn't resist these!)
8. St. Nick
This was the BEST teaser as a kid leading up to Christmas. I love the fun in it. It obviously is a celebration day for Saint Nicholas which is most importantly a teaching moment ...but I love the tchotchkes and knickknacks that light up the kids eyes about the Christmas season!

Things I'm on the fence about:

1. Elf on the Shelf. 
meh! I don't even know you guys. We have never done it. I bought one for this year. I'm still not sold on the idea. I think its a tad creepy ...but I DO see the fun in it for the kids. I don't have the energy or time to deal with this. On the flip side Nae is 5 so we have, what, like 3-4 more years or Christmas innocence? So a part of me wants to have all the fun we can while its still "good" ....I also don't know how to explain why all her friends at school and neighbor friends have an elf without basically telling her its not real. I posted in a local moms group on Facebook and the excuses they gave their kids for not doing it basically implied that elves only come to watch the kids that Santa needs reports on which Im not comfortable implying about others or the only other response was moms just flat out telling their kids its fake. Which then opens a whole can of worms.... we will see what happens.
We are going for a "Mom and Dad CHOSE to adopt the elf and we are gonna enjoy him and have fun" sort of approach. He may not move every single night. I didn't really sell this up that much to give myself room to decide how to do this. I may regret this...

2. Sitting on Santa's lap.
We have only done this once. Nae asked. We did it. She cried and HATED it. We skipped last year. She asked again this year. I'm NOT paying to have this whole stupid scenario again. I don't personally don't find a ton of humor in spending $40 + on photos of my kids crying on Santa's lap. I mean I find the photos of others children mildly funny but it is just totally not high on my must do traditions list. We are heading home for the parade this year and crossing our fingers to just run into Santa there and get a candid shot instead of a posed creepy set up!! Again...lets see how this shakes out. LOL

Things I suck at:

1. Cut out cookies. Y'all its NOT good. Listen, Im sorry to our always amazing Mother Hen, but my sister and I have completely failed to excel in this department. And when I say failed to excel I mean we are so embarrassingly bad at cut outs that I can't even describe. So so bad.
**You wanna know what I'm awesome at??? Setting my oven to the exact temp on those Pillsbury pre-designed cookies box and then laying them on a cookie sheet and setting my timer. I rock at that. #bejealous

2. Putting bows on gifts. I love a good themed wrapping situation but I'm not much of a bow girl. BUT...they have been requested this year so Santa better get his or her sh** together!

So thats sorta how Christmas season rolls around here. Every year is a little different but it is always fun and special. That part never changes ;-)

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  1. I can remember sometimes Santa didn't even have time to wrap larger gifts (bike, doll stroller) and they were amazingly exciting. Little Elf man . .creepy, seems like marketing to me but then what's new there. Giving, giving, giving so much better than receiving. Baking, well now there is a flip of the coin great memories of making yummies but also pretty easy to sit out on all the work involved as well as clean up. For me I need the original childrens' cartoon (Charlie Brown, Frosty, Santa Claus coming to Town) specials every year to get Christmas started. I think it takes me back to a much simpler time in my life. Any way you drink you egg nog can be great. Cheers Cousin Eddie/Tom. :-)