A "little" Kitchen Update

So....I've been busy with a kitchen update....the kids' little pretend kitchen that is! Back during the summer Tom and I began thinking about what the kids would like for Christmas and started sort of planning this fun little update. I snagged some awesome new kitchen items on Zulily during the summer to make up their gifts from Mom & Dad for Christmas.

Kitchen Gifts

We generally just to focus on some shared gifts from us and Santa brings most of the individual gifts. So we settled on the fun items above for them to share and to hopefully reignite their interest in their kitchen...(not that it was lacking that much but this will certainly make it feel "brand new")

So now that we are just over a week out from the big day I tackled the repaint job of their play kitchen. I wanted to redo their actual kitchen for two reason. 1. It has been almost 4 years since the original kitchen project (taking an old yard sale entertainment center and transforming to kitchen!) It was banged up and just in general needed a fun update. 2. We had the playroom repainted to better suit our current style. The old scheme of the kitchen wasn't awful in the newly blue room but this white is way more crisp and makes a super fun pop!

BEFORE (photo was taken when it wasn't very light out--sorry for the color. It was a light green)


I painted the whole thing white with our left over white trim paint from when we had the room repainted last month. Then, I ran to Hobby Lobby and grabbed a fun cut of fabric and literally just staple gunned it to the "window" portion to make a faux roman shade! While I was there I found that darling cupcake holder and little pot for half off. Both items for a total of $7! SCORE! I also bought another fun gold and white leopard print fabric that I hope to attach lace to the edges and give with their shared bundle at Christmas to use as a table cloth on their play table in there!

So thats my little update! So excited to see them getting busy playing restaurant/store/house after they get all their other new goodies!!

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