Christmas Break

It is officially Christmas break!! And as Monday is upon us again I've realized I need a game plan. A Mama game plan! I spent Sunday in full "Power Hour" mode as Tom calls it. It's the time you spend prepping to make sure the next day or two goes smoothly as possible. This has been an incredibly useful technique I've applied to my life. Being a tad spazzy and lacking focus at times this is something that really helps me. I prefer to have plans and ideas rather than scramble to break up fights and have to come up with something on the spot to keep the kids content and happy when World War 3 inevitably breaks out. We have officially reached the stage in life where some days are easy peasy and the kids love each other and play peacefully all day and then the next day they can't handle each other even breathing in the same room. lol So with sister bear being off school for two weeks I figured I better compile a list of ideas of easy activities to break up those rough moments. I'm sharing some of my own ideas but also some that I've gathered from the trusty Pinterest as well. 

My goal is more of stay home and stay occupied rather than run around outside of house during this crazy, busy, and germ filled season of the year ;-) We travel enough the way it is so I like to take full advantage of time at home! I do hope to go grab donuts with Dad a couple mornings and schedule a couple playdates with old friends we don't see as much due to school schedules...but other than that I'm hoping for comfy clothes and house slippers and fun at home!

Things to do over Break

What do you all do to keep busy and have fun with your kids when they are on break?


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