Our Year

Every year I make a yearbook of all our photos from the last year and its that time again! As I'm gathering all my photos and getting ready to tackle this HUGE project (it really is overwhelming but truly worth every moment it takes me) ...I thought it would be fun to share a much more condensed wrap up from our last year for you all to see! Our yearbooks are much much more intense than this post as I hope that the kids will someday cherish the yearly albums packed with random everyday snap shots and all the big moments too. 

We had an incredibly fun and exciting 2015. We took a big family vacation to Mexico which included the kids first flights on an airplane & their first time leaving the country. Tom and I had a lot of fun with some DIY projects around the house. As well as a couple other weekend trips to Chicago & Lake Michigan. The kids both hit big milestones- Jay moved from a crib to a big boy bed this year....Janae began Pre-K and got to try some sports and extra circulars for the first time (dance, soccer, & swim). We used 7 gallons of paint this year. (basement, both kids rooms, kitchen, & playroom) Tom got to ride in an ambulance in Mexico for 8 stitches in his back. He also single handedly built a enormous outdoor fireplace!! I baked my first pie and cooked a new recipe almost every single week this last year. 

I wish you all a very fun and safe New Year's Eve this evening and a happy 2016. (I hope to be asleep when the calendar flips over....I prefer to start my new year rested! lol)
I can't wait to see how 2016 shakes out!

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