Basement Built In Shelves

As always, we have a million projects in our mind. We truly enjoy working on projects together but more importantly we love improving functionality of some of our most used spaces in our house. Being winter we spend a TON of time in the basement right now. Which means we have tons of toys down there right now. I love being able to just shut the door most of the week and pretend the mess isn't there. But we started to run into a problem of even when we tried to clean up there wasn't any particular space that was "great" to store the stuff. We only have a half basement so we have tried to not fill it up with bulky furniture so we can utilize what little space we have. (aprox. 500 sq ft of non storage space) Ok so the last owners had the basement set up with a pool table and this bar that we use as a media console and Tom's "bar" was just randomly stuck there hanging on the wall all awkward and weird...so it made the most sense to add built in cubbies under there for storage as well as make that bar look a bit more intentional and appealing :-) We have planned this project for FOREVER but as you know if you have kids, it can be hard to find a free weekend to tackle a project. Finally though we got our supply list made and got our act together! We are THRILLED with how it turned out. And the kids are actually putting things back on the shelves. Say what!?!?!? lol

BEFORE (notice the random bar top just hanging from wall in the background)

When we do projects we love to let the kids enjoy the process. We always give them the cut off pieces to draw on. The love this every time we do projects. Those pieces turned into a "dance floor" and Jay was busy bulldozing the new baskets around :-)

We used 1x12's for the entire project and then some very basic trim pieces to dress up the outer edges! I don't feel like it takes a genius to figure out how to build this so I'll spare those details! hahah But as always I love to share our DIY on here! The construction took one nap time. (aprox 2hrs start to finish) and it took about another 2 hours the next day to paint multiple coats, caulk, and fill nail holes. And then of course I had to drag my crew to At Home for some fun baskets to use on the shelves. (ouch! that was more costly than the lumber!)


  1. Great work crew. Feel free to come home and sprinkle your magic in our basement.

  2. those yellow baskets are to die for! I envy Tom's knowledge of a saw...I need to figure this out so I can build stuff myself!

  3. That wall is AWESOME!!!!!!