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I love a fresh start and hate to spend too much time looking back at the past ....But today I'm sharing my best of from last year. Because if these things haven't made their way into your life yet then they should THIS YEAR. Honestly. These are things that got me all hot and bothered this last year!

Best of 2015
Starting from top left--

Stitch Fix! I've mentioned before and enjoyed the first two times. The last two I was less than impressed because my stylist was changed. I then tried Trunk Club for women this fall when they started offering to women. Its a way more personalized process and you get to preview the clothes and say no to something before it is even sent. Listen. both services are super awesome and a lot of fun. I think both routes are great and it depends on what you are looking for. Why do I use these? I mean I am a bit of an expert shopper over here BUT I have used these services as a way to broaden my wardrobe. Try on something I wouldn't normally. I use it to push me beyond my usual comfort zone and usual brands/stores that I always shop. I have gotten some of favorite pieces this last year from these two box services! If you have some Christmas gift $$ to spend I would highly suggest trying one out!

The tiered tray was a total big deal this last year. I LOVE THEM. I bought two. I want more. End of story. They are everywhere from Home Goods to a great online selection at Wayfair or paintedfoxtreasures.com ....and tons of other places. 

Purification is a Young Living oil that is a household go to. This eliminates smells like no other. I add it to laundry for really dirty stuff. I diffuse with thieves to eliminate germs. I really really love this oil. I kind of can't live without it.

I've talked about Younique makeup before and love a variety of products but they finally released some pressed eyeshadow palettes this year. This one is my FAVORITE. I use it every day. They do have three different versions to suit your skin tone and preferences but I super duper love their eye makeup if you are looking for a change!

I love my Uggs as much as any cold climate living gal but I needed an alternative. I get so sick of always wearing Uggs every day of my life through the winter when its snowy and way cold so I did splurge on these Sorel boots this year. They are completely fun and will be PERFECT for playing in snow (if we ever get done with this "tropical" winter we are having.)

Kate Spade earrings. OMGOSH. I just can't even find the words.....
I LOOOVVVVEEEEE them. LOOOOOOVVVEEEEE. They just released these new ones and I'm hoping my husband reads this post and maybe perhaps buys them for like Valentine's Day even though we don't do gifts?? (hey babe...the link is at the end of the post!) But seriously...I need them.

The Saranoni blanket. I also mentioned this one... It was stupid expensive. but its heavenly. My friend Kelly commented on that post and said that she completely understands and doesn't think I over splurged because blankets are like "her hobby"....She gets me. She really really gets me. She is one of those people who don't bat an eye at my outlandishness and she just gets this blanket thing. If you can get over the price tag I hope you will make the purchase and cuddle in forever. Its so amazing...

Roden & Fields Microderm paste is the bomb dot com. Ok?? Buy it. Use it on your face. Use it on your husbands face. You can thank me later. It's THE. BEST.

Shrimp Costco, anyone? Listen, we like the shrimp cocktail SO much from Costco we renamed it Shrimp Costco and we refuse to buy from anywhere else. We even tried to buy fresh shrimp since then and its NOT the same. It is worth the membership price. Do it.

Jen Hatmaker is like favorite...I mean besides Joanna Gains, of course. But her books are so great and her show on the DIY network was fantastic. She is such a good person and so truthful. I love her. This devotional geared towards Mothers is exactly what I need to hear each time I pick it up. She inspires me so much. If you haven't read anything by her you should. Put it on your 2016 "to do list"

Scandal is so deliciously scandalous and I love it. I normally am more of a light comedy girl but this one is too juicy to resist. I LOVE sharing a bottle of wine and cuddling with the husband for this on Thursdays! If you need to catch up go ahead and binge watch it on Netflix.

Belle Glos Pinot Noir -- This wine is way expensive but is mouthwatering. Its a total one or two times a year treat but dang does this fancy bottle of wine taste amazing. If you have 50 dollars to spend on a special night you gotta go for this one!

Kim Crawford is the best daily wine. My neighbor turned me onto it and its so reasonably priced (easily found for $11.99 but don't be shocked if you see it listed closer to $18-20....just go to another store) I can be a little sensitive to cheap cheap wines so when I find some that don't make me feel ill from just one glass then I tend to stick with them.

Last is Nashville, another show you need to binge watch on Netflix to catch up on and then follow along when in comes back in March (I think?) ...Nashville is soooo good! It has had a few heavy spots that I've totally tried to "quit the show" as I'm known for wanting to do because I can't handle the pressure. hahahahah but If you like country music like we do and love Connie Britton (like I do!) and like a good drama then you gotta get your Nashville on.

So that is what this Chicken has picked for the best of 2015 in my little world! I mean, I basically have you covered for the beauty, home, entertainment, and indulgent portions of your life now. LOL!!


Best of 2015 by valrose featuring black earrings

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  1. Love it! First-I have those Kate Spade studs in five different colors - You can't go wrong. Belle Glos is one of my FAVORITES! I have a bottle in my wine fridge chilling for a special occasion. I featured it on one of my Wine of the Week posts (http://detroitduchess.com/wine-of-the-week-belle-glos-pinot-noir). I have also been meaning to binge watch Nashville. One of our friends lives in Nashville and has been an extra a handful of times so I want to find which episodes he is on! Great list!