Some More Letters

A long time ago I wrote some letters to Dottie Couture... and then I did some Love Letters...

As Lent is approaching in a  few weeks I've been considering what I'll give up... The last couple years I've given up wine...which I might still do but I'm going to make a very sincere effort to cut out the online shopping. Truly. I know this sounds completely insane but I'm going to try. Food does not count for my Schwan man or Green Bean bin...but personal items and home items probably could take a little rest. I'm afraid my delivery services might think something awful has happened to me. And thats how I was inspired to share todays newest set of letters-- 

Seriously, I'm going to try to give it up for Lent. Say a prayer for me, please!

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  1. Wait. Amazon brought you a coke? Like, to your door? I did not know this was a thing. Can they bring brownies? Or cupcakes? Because those are legit cravings I have often. I love that you are giving up home delivery, I'll pray for ya. :D