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I'm BAAACKK!!! With some new favorites! These are all for you and your home! I LOVE getting tips on products and goodies from other blogs, Pinterest, etc so that is why I always love to share my new favorites!

For You & Your Home

3 wick candle / Nars cosmetic / Drybar haircare / Rusty Industrial Shelf with Wood Planks / Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick - Too Faced | Sephora / Endless Weekend Wallflowers Fragrance Refill - Home Fragrance 1037181... / daily granite cleaner / Malibu C® Healthy Scalp Wellness Kit | Malibu C® Hair, Scalp, Skin... / SavorShauna Niequist / Power-C Machine

I read a handful of different daily devotionals everyday from some that are strictly daily mass readings and reflections to my Jen Hatmaker one that is very motherhood focused but this Savor devotional I started at the beginning of year along with my others and I'm really enjoying this one too. She even includes recipes throughout. Its a really great real life-get your head on straight type of devotional.

Next up is the Naked Power C Smoothie. I made the mistake of picking this up at Target back in January because I  dying of thirst and slight hunger one day. I kinda became addicted and my kids did too. Again, I made the mistake of letting them try it. Whoops. They are like 2 dollars a piece so I have to ration them but we are in LOVE with the Power C Naked Smoothie. Like, no joke, they ask for one every single day. There are way worse things they could be asking for so I appreciate that but we can't just spend 6 dollars a day on these. hahahaha We try to share :-)

Last week I took a little Mom morning out on Saturday and did some errands while Tom stayed home with the kiddies. I had some real things to do but I also hadn't been to Sephora in ages so I popped in for some fun new treats. I picked out this new lip color from Too Faced. It's a long lasting liquified lip stick. Its not sticky at all so its not really a gloss...but its not as strong as lip stain either. Its right in the middle. And since February is coming to and end I wanted to think Spring and went for this bright pink. Its SO FUN! I have worn it every day since I got it!

I also grabbed this new nude Nars shimmery shadow. Its a dual intensity shadow meaning you can apply it dry for a softer affect or you can wet your brush first and it will apply more rich and opaque. I really really like this. I LOVE shadows that work well wet or dry (not all of them do) I bought this to use all over from brow to eyelash line and then just deepen the crease area for some drama with another color. Its a perfect daily base!

I got tipped off about this Triple Sec drybar product from another blog (Mix and Match Family) ...I bought it for the dry shampoo quality which it does do a bit of but my professional opinion is that its a better texturizer and volumizer. No matter what, its an awesome product. And the smell is to die for. :-) I use it on first day hair but def. does add life back to second day hair really well. If you are in the market for something like this then you need to try this one out!

And while we are talking hair....Oh My GOODNESS, Myself and the kids have VERY dry scalps. Always have and always do. (We have very dry skin eczema issues as well which is all tied together) The winter is notoriously the worst season for dry scalp and it really kind of blew up out of control when we went to Disney. We didn't use our normal shampoos while traveling and we all had our scalps just go nuts. Janae's was the worst by far and I'm going to have to say I think when she had her hair done at the Bippity Boppity Boutique they use an enormous about of gel in all the girls' hair. Gel is super drying because it has a high alcohol content in it. I think it just destroyed her scalp health honestly and I also noticed it was built up on her ends. I seriously could not get the residue to go away.  So I scrambled around town trying to get this system which I finally located and spent like 2 hours stripping her hair for buildup on the ends and then doing the scalp therapy treatment included and then did a homemade coconut oil treatment for her ends...long story short her scalp and hair is like an entire world different! Seriously this stuff did wonders for her and me and even Jay. So if you are having super dry scalp issues I would def. recommend this whole system!

Next up.. this shelf! I saw it on House of Rose blog and ran immediately to Hobby Lobby for it for behind my toilet in our half bath. I didn't hate what had been there but it was actually something the previous owners had left and since it kinda matched I just never made it a priority but when I saw this cutie I had to have her. I still need to grab some new hand towels and soaps to fill up the bottom shelf but I wanted to share anyways! mine------------------------>

Right now I'm starting to switch over the scents in my houses plug in air fresheners to something less wintery and more springy and this is my new favorite scent from Bath and Body Works. Endless Weekend --Its so fresh and crisp but has a light sweetness to it as well. I had to get a candle too ;-)

And my final pick today is the Method brand (from Target) granite cleaner. I had been using a Meyers brand one and I kept feeling like I could see some streaks or haze so I switched it up. I really enjoy this method brand one much more after using for a few weeks now.

Those are my new favorites lately. Do you all have any new discoveries I should know about?? lol

I'll be back next week with some general mommy/life stuff and hoping to also share Easter baskets ahead of time since I'm almost done and I always appreciate seeing ideas myself to get my wheels turning! Until then have an AWESOME weekend! HOORAY! Happy Friday!!

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