Disney World!

We just got back from our very first trip to Disney World (for all of us!).  It was a fantastic vacation and completely everything our kids could have dreamt of. The weather was not amazing as it rained the whole first day --we wore ponchos and carried on-- and the second day was in 60's which wasn't bad except it was soon windy. Like they had a wind warning on the forecast type of windy! Again, it didn't stop us much honestly. The sun felt good and made it tolerable. We ended up driving because we couldn't find any non stop flights that worked with the specific time frames we wanted to fly on our set dates. The kids did SO SO SO GOOD. I can't even begin to explain how well they handled the drive. Jay only slept one single hour of the entire 15 hour drive down and about 2 hours of the drive back. Thats a LOT of talking to listen to my friends. hahaha but at least it was happiness 95% of the time we listened to. We split the drive in half each time and stayed night in Atlanta which worked out great.

We hit Magic Kingdom two different days, Epcot and Hollywood Studios for one day each. Epcot is sooo cool. That one was my favorite but the kids are obviously most drawn to Magic Kingdom. The breakfast at Akershus was completely amazing. Best meal we had. Tons of princesses came around to sign autographs and take photos and best of all that food was DELICIOUS. The hash browns were what it was all about. I'm drooling just thinking of that breakfast! Hollywood Studios was cool and has a lot of the Disney Jr. characters but I was the least wow'd at that park. I'm not a Star Wars fan which is a huge attraction there right now. I will say the Toy Story Midway Mania game was SO FUN. I think I'm gonna say that was my personal favorite ride the entire time along with Ariels Journey Under the Sea at Magic Kingdom :-) The kids LOVED the Frozen Sing Along at Hollywood Studios as well. Magic Kingdom was all about the rides for Jay and meeting princesses for Nae. He LOVED meeting most of the princesses but absolutely REFUSED to touch or take photos with almost all of them. He is just not in a very photography cooperative phase right now and thats fine. I captured plenty of his happiness candidly. 

Janae was in PRINCESS HEAVEN. She was like giggly and excited the entire trip. I think when the princesses gave her hugs was the best. She was smitten!

Tiana asked Janae to show her some dance moves which was a highlight for her. Then Tiana copied her moves. It was a really sweet moment. 

Jay took ONE single awesome photo and it was completely perfect. It was with Tigger. I mean literally he chose to hug the one character I think represents him best. Tigger is totally his spirit animal. He really went in for the hug too. You can barely see him!

This Ariel at the Epcot breakfast was a total sweetie pie. She was my FAVORITE character we met the entire trip. I love that she spent extra time to talk to Jay about tractors (because thats the type of stuff he talks to a princess about! lolol) I truly appreciated that she spent a few minutes talking to him about trying to find a tractor for her treasure cove. It was so sweet.

Tink was my second favorite that we met. She was totally kind and it was the ONLY meet and greet that the photographer offered for us all to get in for a family shot. That was so kind of him! Tinker Bell also spend some focused attention on Jay and just talked to him about her set which is what he was interested in. Janae was totally starry eyed over Tink. When we left she was like "omgosh MOOOM! Did you see her wings!!!??" It was adorable!

Jay was a total trooper and just napped in the stroller every single day so we didn't have to go back to room in the middle of the days. Which reminds me... we stayed at the Polynesian. It was a great resort and we were able to use the monorail system to get right over to Epcot and Magic Kingdom easily and very quickly each day and then bus service to Hollywood Studios. That convenience was worth the $$. We also had a view of Magic Kingdom so we could watch nightly fireworks from our room. The kids were sooooo worn out that they didn't make it a single night to watch them though.

I think one of our favorites was the parade at Magic Kingdom on our second day. (they cancelled it the first day due to rain). It was sooo cool. The kids were so entertained by it and we had front row seats. Jay had been napping in the stroller and Nae was ready for a rest so we just parked ourselves right on the edge of sidewalk about 45 min ahead of time to secure a spot and Janae just sat there and drew in a notebook taking a nice little break. Tom and I got a chance to sit down too. It was a much needed break! The amount of walking in these parks is no joke. We are still seriously kinda sore from it. I honestly have no clue how people go to Disney for a whole week. Next time (IF we go again it will likely be many years from now) we think we would actually shorten our trip to just one day per park. I felt similarly about Disney to how I feel about Vegas and NYC...I love those destinations but only really need them in a few day dosage at a time. 

One of the evenings we ventured over to the Art of Animation hotel so Jay could see his "Cars"...He was INSANELY EXCITED! Like, WOAH! Janae was also like shockingly more excited than I expected her to be. She likes the movie Cars but not even close to on the level that Jay does. So it was  a win win going over to that hotel to look around! They really enjoyed running free and looking at all the cars etc. 

And can we talk about how hilarious this photo is?? Like, could Jay be any creepier behind Lightening McQueen?

Janae had an appointment at the Bibbidi Bobbity Boutique in the big castle. It was so cute. She loved getting pampered. I think the nail polish and makeup were her favorite parts though! 

Overall the trip was really amazing. The kids had just the best time. Glad to have crossed this off our bucket list. But, being the homebodies were are, we are very happy to be back home. We are ready to relax for the next few months before summer and all the warm months fun starts up! 


  1. 1st- can I go along as a kid on your next trip to fantasy land, 2nd I love all the giant smiles, 3rd would I be correct in assuming you and Dad's energy tank needle is sitting on E? lol glad you all had a wonderful trip.

  2. Looks like an absolutely wonderful trip! I love all the pics you posted!