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I had a "major" dilemma the other day where I couldn't decide between this recipe for chicken pot pie muffins or making a pan crusted parmesan chicken with my favorite Ritzy Vegetable Casserole so I ultimately decided to combine the two. They seriously turned out SO GOOD! I have to say this was one of those dishes that myself and kids might have enjoyed even more left over the next day!! 

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My original Ritzy Vegetable Casserole side dish recipe is this:

So I actually prepped and mixed it the exact same but instead of putting in a 9x13 pan I used it to top the Grands Biscuits pressed in a muffin pan, half filled with shredded pan fried chicken. Then I followed the baking temp on biscuit can and just watched them until they were golden brown. 

This is totally kid approved and full of veggies! Yum!

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