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Announcement by: Kelly Albert's Photography

We are beyond thrilled to announce we are expecting another sweet babe! Life will certainly be changing around here but we feel so honored to be the parents to this blessing from God. The trilogy to our family comedy series is due this fall :-)

The decision to venture into the land of being out numbered was certainly not easy, as we feel so beyond lucky, happy, and content with Jay and Janae. While the big question of if we were a complete family was always a bit of of a question mark in our minds, we went to sleep one evening at the end of last year simply hoping to have a fun family outing to the movies the next day... except we woke up the next morning and the first conversation we had (completely unplanned & not premeditated) was about having a third child. The best I can explain it was I woke up with a overwhelming feeling that I needed to discuss it with Tom. Shockingly enough, he felt a similar urgency about the topic. Only a few times in life have I had such a overwhelming feeling placed on my heart that seemed to have come out of "nowhere." When I say "nowhere" I mean we had been occasionally casually discussing having a third ever since we had Jay, but never had made any decisions or plans of when to even consider a timeline of having another. --IF we even decided to!  The exciting and important part is that we both listened to our hearts and the feelings and made the exciting decision to simply just be fully open to the possibility of a third child. I can't help but feel like it was truly meant to be a part of our life path when I got pregnant quickly thereafter with a due date on our anniversary, October 4th.  All I can say is sometimes you just know when you know about big decisions. And no amount of worry, hashing a topic, or preparing can lead to that moment of "knowing."

We found out a few weeks before Disney so we took this photo to send to family members very early on. We usually share very early with family because we appreciate the prayers and support system. As well as, honestly, I have a VERY hard time keeping secrets. In fact this is latest I've announced being pregnant! I was only about 10 wks with Jay when we told and 11wks with Janae. There was no reason for waiting for the 12 week mark this time. Somehow it all just shook out that way! The main typical pregnancy symptoms hit me the last day we were at Disney which has caused me to not really be able to look at my photos! lol Sooo random, and admittedly dramatic, but just looking at the photos sort of makes me feel sick. When we got back I couldn't get our vacation post up on this blog and done with fast enough because I wanted to stop thinking about it all! HAHA!!!

This pregnancy has been my "easiest" in reference to TYPICAL pregnancy symptoms. The nausea and fatigue was much more mild (it still was present but not nearly as "crippling" as it had before) and really has basically passed at this point. I will say it almost worried me how mild it was. BUT, on the other hand I have had much more lower back pain, bloating and stomach muscles aching and pulling from the very beginning making me super uncomfortable from basically week 5 on. So those physical symptoms have been considerably more prominent this time. I would say I'm having less aversions to food this time with more actual cravings. Which I think plays into the whole not as nauseated feeling this time. With my other two I could have gagged at the simple thought of lots of things but this time I'm just DYING to have certain things here and there like- Frosted Mini Wheats, Yogurt with granola, Potato Skins, Fruit Roll Ups, Lemonade, Fettuccine Alfredo & all pasta really, having a cup of decaf coffee every morning is still a MUST, & I'm loving Pickles! (so stereotypical! and my first pregnancy to actually crave them!) I also just can't completely give up my occasional coke or sweet tea. They are just as delicious as ever! I have been wanting sushi a lot so I've just been sticking to the cooked shrimp rolls and thats holding me over! 

Lets see....The baby was was hanging out in the bottom of my uterus at the ultrasound which can indicate girl or boy depending on which side its on except it was smack dab in the middle on my 9 wk ultrasound. Chinese gender chart says girl. The heart rate was 170 which was MUCH closer to Jays fetal heart rate than Janae's. But I think typically the higher heart rates are thought to be girls, yes? Who knows! If we HAD to guess, I think Tom and I would both say boy though. But I honestly don't have a strong feeling one way or another and didn't with my other two either. We are so beyond completely fine either way! We have one of each so it just really doesn't matter as far as family dynamic! We have plans to do the newer blood DNA test at my next appointment which tests for abnormalities but also can reveal the gender. So hopefully we will know sooner rather than later ;-) But most importantly just hoping for good healthy baby results! 

I can't wait to post updates as we find out gender and make more plans that transition us to a family of 5!

**I want to give a huge shout out to my good friend Kelly from Kelly Albert's Photography who created our super fun announcement! THANK YOU!


  1. Seriously best announcement ever! I love it so much and am SO happy for you!

  2. Seriously best announcement ever! I love it so much and am SO happy for you!

  3. Congrats, lady!! I love the announcement!

  4. Congrats, lady!! I love the announcement!