Easter Baskets!

So I'm a little ahead of the game and wanted to share this years Easter "baskets"! A couple Saturdays ago it was the perfect day out for Tom to take the kids to ride bikes and play which allowed me time slip out to shop alone for Easter! I LOVE putting together gift baskets that include fun little randomness. Like, seriously, LOVE IT! Which is why I wanted to share one of my favorite things to do as a Mother!

I don't know if its just my kids or what but sometimes its the silliest LITTLE things that they love the most instead of the big items! This year I used a suggestion I found on one of my favorite blogs Momfessionals. Raise your hand if you have 1 BILLION easter baskets in storage? ME! Between Easter Bunny and gifts from Godparents and Grandparents in baskets we end up with more Easter baskets than we will ever need year after year.  Our Easter gift baskets come from Easter Bunny so I can't really reuse them either. What I can reuse is some of the Amazon Prime boxes we get! I LOVED her idea to use boxes for Easter baskets here. So that is the route I went this year. I simply cut the top pieces off and wrapped with simple gift wrap. Filled 'em up with Easter grass and stuffed them with goodies!

My FAVORITE place to buy basket filler items is Hobby Lobby. I LOVE the cute random stuff I find there. I mean check out the miniature shopping carts in this years baskets! I can't even handle how hilarious and cute they are. I can totally just see my kids playing with them all the time. I always try to keep Easter baskets kinda low key in terms of price point. Hobby Lobby often has tons of stuff 50% off so this is very easy to stay within a modest budget. This is not Christmas, so I'm not a fan of filling baskets with tons of big toys and gifts like some people are. To each their own...just my opinion ;-) I DO like to include at least one "needed" item though. Last year they got beach towels to take to pool all summer and this year I did their summer play shoes. Janae has kind of moved past the Croc stage so she got two pairs of flip flops since they are so cheap. And, Jay got new Crocs for this summer.

 I also usually try to focus on some fun little goodies to play with outside. Jay's little binoculars are so cute and he will LOVE exploring with them. And both kids got some bubbles. Bubbles are always a hit! And check out those super adorable lipstick shaped ink pens for Nae! She will LOVE those! She is a total doodle bug and loves sitting outside in the top of our play-set drawing her afternoons away.

Between myself and Tom we have 4 Godchildren to buy for as well. Again, I found a fun little goodie from Hobby Lobby for each of them and then the standard chocolate cross, along with some eggs filled with candies and little treats. I also threw in some fun cross stickers for each, because ALL the kids LOVE to craft in this family ;-)
From the balance bird, to growing dinosaurs & whirlywing to my baby nieces little flower to grow I found very cute little items to throw in their boxes for under 5 dollars a piece. I can't stress enough that Hobby Lobby is where its at. Sometimes I get so sick of all the same things over and over again that Target has to offer at the lower price points and dollar isle. All cute stuff but its always the same.

So those are all my fun little treat baskets! Hope it provided some inspiration if putting these together aren't exactly your favorite thing to do or you are stumped on what to give this year!


  1. So cute! I always do summer shoes in Dorothy's Easter basket - it's the perfect time of year to get some fresh kicks! ;)

  2. These are super cute and you put me to shame again. I however know deep down these are secretly all things you want in your Easter basket.