Freshen Up for Spring

One of my favorite ways to "seasonally decorate" is change out simple prints in frames. I'm not a huge fan on decorating for all the various holidays through the year...but usually I do make a couple simple tweaks for warmer months and then again for cooler months. (throw pillows, prints, front door decor etc...simple things like that) So as I have been evaluating what I could lighten up for the warmer months I realized maybe I should remind you all it is so easy to hop on Pinterest and find TONS of free printables that don't cost you a dime to freshen up a spot in your house! Since its Spring time, I found mostly FREE downloadable printables (but a few are Etsy purchases too) that are so perfect for this season. Florals and watercolor are all the rage right now so I wanted to show a few that I'm loving! I already popped a Fiddle Leaf print in my living room! Since I'm... a) too cheap to buy a real fiddle leaf ... &... b) have a toddler who would prob. dig in the dirt ..I decided maybe for now I stick with a watercolor framed print on my mantle!  

My little chica and myself are already counting the days until we can officially get our hands dirty in the flower pots outside but for now some pretty printables and daily checks of some of our perennials will have to suffice! 

( I'm beyond excited for my magnolias to go ahead and bloom! )


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