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I think shopping is clearly so much of a love of mine that even just making these posts and sharing on here is SO MUCH FUN for me. hahaha Honestly, I LOVE scouring the internet for fun clothes for my kids. I have written about this before, but kids are kids. Its the only time in life they can dress in totally funny, bright, anything goes type clothes and I really try to embrace that for them. They have the rest of their lives to wear neutrals and be dressed completely put together and styled like an adult. If Janae wants to wear floral on floral, GO FOR IT. If Jay wants to wear his pants & shirt backwards, well...I usually try to correct but its not worth a fight so..GO FOR IT!  With that said, I do shop in store often but here is why I love online shopping....(can we pause and acknowledge that Lent is over so I'm free to roam about the internet again?? HOORAY!) Ok back to why I love it...first off, Janae is very small. Often times stores either run out very fast of XS sizes that she is in in the girls section now--4T doesn't fit very well because the "T" sizes are for shorter toddlers. She is pretty tall for as tiny as she is so we actually even struggle with the XS or size 4/5 in girls because she really needs the length of a 6 a lot of times! So the internet always has way more of a plentiful stock in those smaller sizes for her. Nothing is more of a frustration than to take her to store for her to fall in love with stuff and then its not avail in her size. I let her be involved in all the online shopping though to make sure she loves it. My second reason I love online is mainly due to Zulily. I buy a LOT off Zulily. A LOT. Honestly, the prices are really good a lot of times. They do still have some pricier brands on there occasionally that can still be like $20 + an item and rarely do I buy one of those things but I have gotten sooo many great items or even full outfit sets for much much less. For both Jay and Janae I find SO MUCH more on Zulily than in store that we all love. Truly! For Jay, I stalk the daily sales for his Under Armour and Nike athletic play clothes...Most of the time you can get that stuff 50% off on there which makes it way more affordable. Secondly, my main stores like Target, Children's Place, Gap....I feel like anytime I shop those places I only find like one thing I like in the boys department. I mean its all cute but just not really my style or even Jays. Yes, Jay, who is a BOY, and only 2 years old, has SUPER STRONG opinions about his clothes. I would actually venture to say his opinions are as strong or stronger than Janae! I was not prepared for this coming from him! Jay is full on a boy's boy who only wants t-shirts. He LOVES Colts football shirts but we had to go on tshirt buying binge to get him out of those since the season is over. Tom and him sat down a couple times over the last 2 months on Zulily and picked out some new tee's. A few of them are at the very top of the post (the taco one is from Target)....and YES, Tom actually shops Zulily too.  No joke. He has the app on his phone and occasionally shops on it for Jay. **This is not an ad for Zulily by the way. ahahahah I just love it that much. 
Anyways my style boards above have my favorite picks from actual stores to online for this season. My kids don't have ALL the items but most of them. I still need to fill in Jays wardrobe with some shoes like shown above since he only has his tennis shoes, crocs, and rain boots. I'd like to still get Janae a couple Matilda Jane pieces for her summer "nice" clothes.  I usually get her one or two MJ sets per season for her church clothes or going out somewhere nice clothes.

Next week I'll share some of personal spring/summer fashion picks! I'm rocking a small bump so I'm kinda in that phase of maternity tops or tunics but trying to still use my regular pants. Bump or no bump I have some fun items to share!


Girls Spring by valrose featuring white floral pants

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Dude Style by valrose featuring slip-on shoes

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