Thank goodness for spring. After 1.Winter & 2. 1st trimester of pregnancy I'm OH SO GLAD for it be spring time. We have been getting out for fresh air every chance we can. My kiddos LOVE to be outside so with cold winter keeping us in and then me having the icky feel bads for a few months we weren't really getting out even to just go places to help cope with the cabin fever. Whew. SO glad that is passed. Anyways, with all that nothingness in the past I finally have some photos to share of some of the fun we have been having lately. I haven't done a little life photo dump in a while but after an *AMAZING* weekend back home for Easter I felt like I had a lot of cuteness to share.

New sidewalk chalk is always a major hit. Jay just lines up all his blues (his favorite color) and Janae has been spending her afternoons doodling up a storm! Butterflies, Rainbows, writing her name...ALL the girly stuff. 

Sometimes they play great together and sometimes they can't even handle each others existence. This was one of those moments when I was cooking dinner and looked out to see them playing ball together. I HAVE to document those sweet moments. 

Like a month ago it was our first super nice day and Janae BEGGED me before school that day to have a picnic lunch when she got out. I can't turn a request like that down. They ran around more than they ate but it was sooo fun. That was the same day I got super hyper and dramatic and got out all my patio furniture cushions. haahahha I mean it was like barely March. 

Omgoodness this little boy. He has been SO SO SO jealous of Janae getting to do swim lessons, dance, and going to school so we finally caved and said he could start swim lessons for the next couple months before the pool opens. I swear its been the highlight of his life. He thinks he is SUCH a big boy. He is doing much better than I anticipated. He isn't exactly known for rule and direction following skills but he has been a really good boy so far for his teacher. Sitting pretty well and waiting his turn. He has actually already in just a few lessons gained a fair amount of confidence. 

A couple weekends ago we visited my brother's family and went to the Wonderlab. We have been there a handful of times and its always such a hit. I love that its smaller and more hands on than the Children's Museum. The kids had a really good time as always and they LOVED spending the day with their cousins.

The bubble room (excuse the awful lighting in there) is one of their FAVORITE parts of the Wonderlab.

Another sweet moment captured...I always make them eat popsicles outside and caught them sitting side by side having a totally cute conversation the whole time. I love listening to their little voices and hearing what they talk about when they think I'm not around. It's so sweet. Except for when I hear "can Mom see us?".....yep. My TWO YEAR OLD son asked Janae that a few weeks back when I was just on the other side of the wall. Isn't he a little young to be plotting bad things and worrying about me knowing??

Dress like your favorite book day at school! This was my favorite theme day they have had so far!! She OF COURSE chose Fancy Nancy! DUH! hahahah Her poses though....so funny.

Tom and I spent a Friday evening out on a date which was so needed. It had been since the end of November since we had been out. Between holidays, Disney, and feeling super tired and icky I just couldn't handle the idea of going out for a while. I needed to just hibernate for a while. But, man....it was so nice to get out, eat some delicious food at one of our favorite spots, Divvy, and just relax together.

Two of my girlfriends turned 30 in March so we went to The Cake Bake Shop in Broad Ripple to celebrate. It was a ton of fun and a total treat. So decadent. I may have to "drag" them back for my 30th in the fall ;-)

This last weekend we went back home for Easter. For a two day trip we sure did cram in a lot but it was so fun. One of those rare trips where it was fast paced but energizing instead of exhausting. Things just flowed really well and amazing weather really helped. We drove straight to Tom's Mom's house and had Easter with his sister too. The cousins had the best time playing outside and hunting eggs. Who am I kidding the grown men had a good time too. lol

Then we headed out for an evening of fishing at my grandparents property that is being auctioned off this week. It was our last chance to go spend time out there and fish on our favorite little lake before it is no longer in the family. I could stare at my cute boys all day...

And then Sunday morning the Easter Bunny came! Obviously we try to teach that Easter is truly about Jesus but indulging the fun traditions with Easter Bunny are so fun and such a joy to watch and be a part of. Babies don't keep. We have to enjoy these traditions while we can. 

Nana made everyone bunny pancakes before we headed out for Easter Mass which I can't believe I didn't take a photo of :-( They were sooo cute. 

Not our most amazing family photo but I try to just live with the philosophy that this is "us" right now. 

After church we drove to my sisters and spent the rest of the day there eating, hunting eggs, and playing. I may have also hogged her sweet baby girl a good portion of the day too. 

Coming up...This Spring we have some plans being drawn up for some landscape work around the house and painting our door and shutters. So we have some fun cosmetic changes coming soon to the house. I normally don't share work that we hire done but I have a feeling that I might share a before and after this time. Outside work I don't necessarily mind doing...but I just don't really have an eye for it. I'm really excited to have a professional helping me out and finally polish and tailor our outdoors to our style!

This Friday begins Spring break so the kids are heading to Nana & Poppy's for part of the break and we hope to get some little projects done and just spend some time relaxing. I always miss the kids when they are gone but I can't wait for a couple days of just me and Tom. 

Then, we have little Miss' first dance recital in April. She is soooo excited. I can't wait to see her in pinkalicious costume! 

So thats what we have been up to and what we have in the works over the next month! I'll be back with some more fashion-y stuff and who knows what else in the next couple weeks! 

Happy Spring Everyone!

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