I have been busy being a Mom lately. I mean when am I not? But lately we have been working hard on various things with the kids and using the calm and light schedule of winter to stay put here at home and spend quality time as a family.

I've been baking a lot more. I don't particularly enjoy baking as much as I do cooking but I feel like the more I practice the the better I will get and enjoy it more! I sure do like to eat it though!

I don't want to toot my own horn here but TOOT TOOT!!! I made her barbie birthday cake! I mean its FAR from perfection but I was sooooo pleased that I could make it for her and she almost fainted over it! 
And when I'm not baking or doing laundry, or feeding someone, or you name it I've been trying very hard to get a daily dose of peace and calm and centeredness in. It truly "lightens my motherload" as Jen Hatmaker would say. Taking 10-15 minutes per day to sit and unwind and focus on God and read my devotionals keeps me sane. Can I get an "Amen"?? I love to pair my calm state with a Piyo workout that is yoga and pilates based when I have the extra time too. I mean the extra time doesn't exactly exist as any fellow mama knows all too well but its a matter of making it a priority. Somedays I fail to make myself a priority but I feel like over the last year or so I've gotten in a much better routine. It takes a village though. I can't brag without giving credit to a husband who is so helpful in making those daily doses of "me time" happen. I only write all this to remind other Mama's - as I was reminded during a busy phase last week myself- to not forget to make yourself a priority. It a ripple effect for the whole family, yes? If we are in a good mental state then I usually see more positivity from those around me too.

Can you believe we just got Kindergarten shots all taken care of for Miss Janae?... It just feels like a slippery slope from here. Kindergarten round up in just over a month. Say what? I mean of course I'm thrilled Janae is growing and thriving and learning. Although she prefers to party plan rather than read her weekly beginner reader books. If I'm being honest I'd rather party plan too :-) She recently brought home her mid year evaluation from school and was generally pretty good but there were a few bullet points that made me scratch my head. A few things I couldn't believe she was expected to know this year & then a few things where I was like: wait, you didn't write your last name for her on evaluation day or tell her the days of week or months of year. So I asked the little stinker about it and she was like oh yeah, I know that stuff and rattled it off completely right. I was like OMGOOOSH why didn't you try!?! She was shrugged her shoulders and giggled a little. Cool, Janae. Real cool. So you are gonna be that kid. ....Wait, I think I knew a girl just like that way back when ;-) Lordy, I think I got a new version of myself to deal with here. But her teacher wrote the best note at the bottom saying what a helpful and kind student she is. Thats what really matters to me. It's my mission to never let her stop being the helpful & kind girl in life.

He is ALWAYS driving a little matchbox car or monster truck on the walls or counters or some part of the house ;-) 
Jay is freshly potty trained and boy did I need this "win" with him. In a lot of ways he is a very challenging child. He plays VERY ROUGH (I think this comes from his Dad)...& says all the potty words in nearly every sentence --which I think might finally be a phase he is passing. fingers crossed!   Working on teaching him some self control is major uphill battle right now. I also wish he would quit darting away from us. He is SO FAST. Like freaky fast for his age....but on the other side of all this he is very smart (I think he gets his brains from his dad too) and requires very little effort to teach things so far. For this, I'm very thankful since he is very needy in many other ways. He can copy and execute nearly anything you show him to do. He is sooooo cuddly. Like, that boy knows how to give a kiss, hug, & snuggle in for the real thing. He gives us all the affection that the 2 1/2 year old Janae never gave us. He loves to explore but he really loves to be home and is so happy when we are. Which I think took me a while to learn about him--The balance of his needs. As he has gotten older and can tell us he wants to go home helped clue us in. I think as active and friendly as he is I wasn't realizing it but he hits a wall. He gets a little overstimulated and doesn't exactly know what to do with himself when he is socialized for too long. He starts to go down the crazy path. lol Don't you love it when you finally have an "ah ha!" moment about something with your kids? Anyway, a little pee and poo in the potty was just the thing I needed to catch my breath with him and find a renewed sense of energy to keep my head up while trying to harness his bold, curious, spirited personality. I mean, I think he is calming down some. I think...

Finally, I wanted to add I just got done having a good ole ugly cry right before I published this post and felt compelled to share... (And Im really NOT a crier!)  I was reading the latest blog post from Joey and Rory. Have you all been following their story? I just can't even.....its heartbreaking. Reading that she has said all her goodbyes and drifted into a sleep that is likely leading to her last breath within a matter of days just really punched me in the gut... that she won't get to potty train her daughter... or send her off to Kindergarten... or bake her another birthday cake. I keep thinking about how brave she must have been to find her own peace with all this too. Just mentioning this on here to remind myself and everyone to squeeze our loved ones a little tighter and forgive our littles a little more for when it isn't an easy day. Every single day we are here is a blessing --good or bad. As upsetting as our childrens' behavior or challenges can be for us at times, I think we all agree that we really are honored and lucky to be the person who gets to help mold, shape and teach them. We have days and moments with our children that some Mama's don't get to be around for.

So thats my little motherhood life talk for today! I plan to be back in the next week or so with details on my Easter baskets for this year! I love seeing examples on other blogs and Pinterest and always gets my wheels turning for my own and since I'm a little ahead of the game I figured I should share!!

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  1. Shut. Up. You made that cake!? I still remember the one my mom made for me. That's freakin' awesome! So proud of you ;) Annnnd when did Janae get so big?!?!