Let's Talk About Cheesecake

Today I sharing my favorite homemade cheesecake recipe. I LOVE LOVE LOVE cheesecake. But only original. I would say cheesecake it my number 1 favorite dessert to order when out to eat. Occasionally topped with strawberries. I know, most boring person ever. Honestly, people look at me like I have six heads when we are out to eat and I ask for no toppings on my cheesecake. With that said, I have learned how different cheesecake can be. Sometimes those toppings are completely needed to disguise the filth that is their cheesecake. Truly, cheesecake is sooo different from place to place. And as I'm sure it is no shocker to you all, I'm super particular about cheesecake. Not only flavor but texture is a major contributing factor. And don't even get me started on the crust.  First, I like medium sweet cheesecake. Some places have the most bitter flavorless cheesecake EVER. (please reference my story below) I also HATE cheesecake thats very dense. It's just weird to me. I like it to be soft to medium and basically melt in my mouth. And the crust, well it can't be too hard. Can't be too soft either. It needs to be a little sweet as well. It also can't be too thin or too thick. It must be just right people. 

One time on our baby-moon trip to Aruba with Tom, we ate at basically their finest restaurant in the area. The food was GOOD and it was mega $$$....I saw cheesecake on the menu and I was like like "BOOM! YES! I WANT 3!" Ok not really but I was prego with Nae so I was pretty pumped about the cheesecake. And then it came out. Tom had a Tiramisu and was basically licking the plate. I however did the unthinkable. I mean its so embarrassing and childish but I did it anyway. Y'all....I took one giant bite of my cheesecake (expecting to devour it) and in a five star restaurant, right there for everyone to see, spit that shit right out into my napkin and even loudly expressed how it tasted like crap. I mean I SWEAR to you it had dish soap in it. I'm so not kidding. It tasted like dish soap. Tom was appalled to say the least at my very class-less reaction and was red as a tomato. But then I continued to make a mild scene the way that I tend to do being the dramatic person I am....and DEMANDED he try it. No joke, he had to absolutely force himself to swallow it and not spit out. He would now agree that, while still a little distasteful, my reaction was justified. I'd like to end this story by mentioning this piece of cheesecake was like 22 dollars. TWENTY TWO DOLLARS!!!!!!!

Anyhow, basically what I'm trying to say is there are only a few places I will enjoy a piece of cheesecake these days that meet all my criteria but what is always ALWAYS ALWAYS delightful is making Mother Hen's recipe. Not only does it taste like sweet sweet heaven in my mouth, it makes a whole pan and I can eat that ish for days. Or just one day as I tend to have no boundaries when indulging. 

She tops hers with blueberries which isn't my favorite so I scrape away and enjoy the perfection of the crust and fluffy cheesecake. You can always get creative and top with chocolate syrup or crumbled candy bar of choice, or any fruit of choice too. Like I said I enjoy mine plain but the kids and Tom love a little strawberry pie filling drizzled over and with some delicious strawberries and whipped cream on top. 

Has anyone else had dish soap cheesecake? 

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