Spring Cleaning

I know cleaning isn't at the top of everyone's list of things they enjoy but I think we all can agree we like the feeling of an organized and clean house. A few times of year, I do major purging and cleaning. Obviously everyone talks about Spring Cleaning this time of year....When my neighbor mentioned it to me (Hello! I'm a nesting pregnant lady) a few weeks back, I sort of rocketed into overdrive on the Spring cleaning front. Like Woah. I'm talking like couldn't even think straight over all the things I wanted to accomplish. I'd say I've gotten most of the way through my big non-weekly chores. I have a weekly routine -- of vacuum the entire house every other day, wash all woods and tile floors once a week, dust, wipe down microwave, all appliances (usually a couple times a week), move all things off counters for a thorough countertop clean once a week since I tend to wipe around things throughout the week, all bathrooms from top to bottom get cleaned....Laundry is an on going issue and never seems to end but I make sure to once a week make sure its all completely put away and caught up...only for the vicious cycle to begin again the next day. I go through pantry and fridge every week....baseboards are usually more of a couple times a month deal as is dusting and using wood cleaner on my stairs banisters (I LOATHE that chore...all the balusters...all the detail on them. Omgoodness its torture.) Anyhow... you get the point right?? So today I just wanted to share some great cleaning products because I get excited about that kind of stuff and also a little list of ideas of some of the places we seem to miss a lot in our weekly cleaning ;-)

There is obviously SO MUCH MORE that seems to always need cleaned but this is a lot of things I've been occupied with every since I was plagued with the obsessive compulsive pregnancy nesting phase.

Some "new" products I've been loving are:

Ok so this Kaboom is not a new brand to me but I had always used either the Works toliet cleaner or a Lysol one but I have to say I just randomly tried this for no reason at all and I REALLY like it. I love how it changes color to indicate when its clean...(I DO HATE THE SMELL...but maybe its just my pregnancy nose??) But I really feel like this cleans better than my other two brands I used. 

Chalk is such a lifesaver you guys. This one is new to me about a year ago. I have used it a few times and seriously saved some tragic situations. Ahem, like brand new carpet that somehow got like black grease on it! Talk about nearly having a stroke you guys. I seriously think I shed a few tears before I finally got the situation fixed with chalk. And don't even ask how it got there because I HAVE NO CLUE!!!!! So this is a great one for oily situations. It absorbs oils (or grease!YIKES) Using any regular cleaners on oily substances will just make it worse. I have used this a couple times on carpet and on clothing too from greasy foods etc. Just rub it on. Use a lot! let it sit and absorb it. Then go on to clean normally or wash after it has had a chance to sit. 

This guy seemed so cheesy to me when I read about it on a Facebook cleaning page but with our cat room in our basement I thought it might be worth a try. They aren't cheap. Like 11 dollars or so a piece but I ordered 3... one for cat room, one to keep in my island with my trash cans, and one in the toilet closet of our master bathroom where I something think gets stinky because its such  small enclosed room with just a toilet and trash can. I have to say I'm IMPRESSED. These guys work! They say they last 45 days. So far I've probably had them 2-3 weeks....I can totally tell a difference especially in the basement! I ordered them off Amazon and can confidently these will be a permanent feature in our house.

So back to stinky bathrooms...Ok so boys are a little gross, yes? Well Jay is still peeing sitting down and for the most part does really awesome going on his own and not making a mess but SOMETIMES his pee shoots out between the toilet seat and bowl. And since he often goes on his own I don't always see all the spilled out pee until much later. Again, on the cleaning page I follow on Facebook I saw a recommendation to wipe original shaving cream all over toilet and floor to kill pee smell. I have done this twice now and I do think it worked rather well. I have bamboo floors in my bathroom downstairs and tile in both my uppers and I used on both surfaces. **If you have actually wood or laminate floor use your judgment on what your floors can handle. Bamboo is very durable and doesn't warp or do anything crazy when I use just about anything on them. I just squirted it into my hands and rubbed it all over the whole toilet and all over floor. I let it sit for quite a while and then went back with a toothbrush to get in all crevices and around toilet base! Its a winner! 

Ok...I'm way late to show on this one...I usually make my floor cleaner with vinegar which I like but I grabbed this at the hardware store the other week because I have always been interested in if its worth the hype. I don't think my floor is any less clean with vinegar but I do think the Bona leaves a nicer finish at the end. I get an enormous about of direct sunlight coming in my house where my bamboo floors are so I can EVERY SINGLE STREAK or crumb...So I really loved the streak free shine I got with Bona!

This is an oldie from my mom but its amazing. And listing it on here because its spring/summer season where we get to deal with grass stains, and dirt, and who knows what else is on these kids....but Murphy oil is an amazing stain lifter. Just rub in on stain and let it sit. Depending how stained I maybe scrub it with a toothbrush or something and then wash normally. I NEVER use actual laundry stain sprays. This is MUCH more effective. 

LOL So thats what I've got for ya today. Do you all have any MUST TRY products? I do seriously LOVE finding the best products for cleaning. I care a lot and try hard to keep a very clean & tidy house considering I have two young children. Not every day is perfection but if a product can help keep things cleaner I'm always excited to try it! PS. What day of week do you all clean? I'm seriously curious because I keep seeing people clean their houses on Fridays which seems like INSANITY to me...Like, honestly...my house gets the messiest and dirtiest on the weekend. I try to get all mine done on Monday and Tuesday right now but I know with a new babe coming my schedule will get all wonky again coming up.

Anyway....hang in there everyone..its almost hump day and we can start looking forward to the weekend again soon ;-)

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