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I want to start by saying, while I don't do posts like this nearly as often as I'd like, due to the major time commitment of creating a post like this, these are my FAVORITE to share. I LOVE using my blog as a creative outlet and place to share my style. So thanks for reading and tolerating all my absurd ideas and stories. 

So I obviously don't own all items I curated in my collages but I do a lot...or very similar ones. I just wanted to share (pregnant or not) the trends I'm digging and how easy and comfortable your spring looks can be! 

**Side note-- I wonder why my children switch clothes and make huge clothes piles in their rooms...until I was taking all these photos and realized little eyes were watching and learning from me. So with a little giggle on the inside I now realize I have take the blame. 
Also...bonus points for spotting any photo bombs in my photos from the various creatures I live with ;-)

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1. Blazers and jackets. Honestly. This is my go to. Bump or no bump...basic plain tees and tanks are sooo EASY and AFFORDABLE to buy and with a handful of layering pieces you can style them up so cute and fun! I even loved them paired with shorts to dress things up a bit!

2. I'm a complete sucker for white jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses during the warmer months. With kids this look is trickier but I've gotten more courage to wear white when going to places like church, to a shower, or date night. I LOVE white. Number 1 white piece this season to find is a white blazer. No joke. They are flying like hotcakes in the stores!

3. Peep Toe sandals/heels are so chic right now. If you buy any sort of wedge or heel this season make sure its a peep toe with the heel cut out too! I LOVE this look!

4. Another MUST HAVE is a nude bag. You need a nude bag. Trust me!!! I included a very affordable bag in my collage (link at bottom) but they are everywhere. From Jessica Simpson brand (which is one of my favorite middle of the road price range brands of bags) to all the designer brands. I totally splurged on a Kate Spade this Spring. I haven't purchased an really nice bag in at least 5 years and I finally decided I was due a treat! Luckily, I have a husband who sees nothing wrong with an indulgence every now and then!

5. "Joggers"...My black Zella's below and also in collage as well as my olive/army colored in both collage and below are all at the rage. Plus they are like stupid comfortable. I just adore this looser style right now.

**Disclaimer...I was rocking a total messy "mom bun" the day I took these....But we are hear to talk about clothes not hair today so lets overlook this, mmmmkay?

These Zella pants are TO DIE FOR. They are in the above collage...and I got them through a styling service where she encouraged me to wear them with some fun heels which I NEVER would have had the guts to do on my own! She was SO RIGHT!! So from flip flops, tennis shoes to heels these are a super versatile piece to snag this season.

I also should note that after taking these photos I went straight to my computer and ordered some white maternity jeans. The trusty ponytail holder trick was hitting its limit in these photos.....I think its actually my booty that is taking over at this point. #muststopeattingcarbs #butterbreadismyjam #andpasta #ohandcaketoo

My new military joggers (maternity version from the collage) are a major win. I can't even find words ...they are SO comfy and at least 172 times cuter than yoga pants. This was my ACTUAL outfit that day which is what made me finally finish this post for you all that I've had started for two weeks already!

Of course I should add in here to not forget to accessorize. I'm personally more of a minimalist with accessories but a few dainty pieces really does make a big difference. I included so many great Kate Spade earrings (MY FAVORITE EVER), polishes, sunnies, and rings to help you polish your Spring wardrobe!

If you aren't familiar with LuLaRoe clothing you should be. It is sold as online parties through Facebook. It is so comfortable... like WOAH! The leggings are called "butter leggings" and they are seriously no joke. They come in crazy fun prints but if you keep an eye out you can find your basic solid colors too. But my personal FAVORITE is their Julia dress. I love the soft stretchy knit of it and the sleek cut. They do offer more full cut style dresses if a fitted dress isn't your thing. My friend Amber is starting to sell it and you can join her group here if you are interested in the hype :-)
For this post I chose to pair my dress with a long cardigan which I'm also obsessed with right now. But, mainly did so, because I don't have a pair of flat black sandals yet this season and the only way to tie in my only flat sandals was to add some champagne colors to the mix. It works though! I wore this dress for Easter and will totally just wear this as is without a cardigan over it as it gets warmer and I also have some black flat sandals!

Like I mentioned above all the things white are my love language right now. So white shorts should be a staple for you this year. (I obviously really need a little sun or fake bake on those legs right now) I love how they are casual enough for every day but dressier than a denim short. Easily pair with a tee or dress up with a military jacket or bold colored blazer. Pop a couple rings and gold accent necklace and chic sandals and you are good to go for a day at the zoo or family lunch outside at your favorite deli! (Don't you love those "beautiful scenarios" I just presented you with?? When in reality the day goes more like this: One kid will refuse to wear shoes at some point and kick their muddy shoe off right onto your crisp white shorts and the other kid wipes their snot nose all over you repeatedly and then makes you hold them on your lap at lunch and spills their milk all over you. Then someone needs to go pee and you shut the stall door only to realize there is "hook" for your bag & there no way you are setting your new purse on that FILTHY floor so you hold your purse while trying to help your kid carefully sit on the nicely placed toilet paper covered seat and keep them balanced because over your dead body are they allowed to put their hands down on that toilet...... yeah your day will likely be more like that...but Lets just pretend we are going to sit at lunch after a day at the zoo and everyone will pleasantly discuss their favorite animal and how thankful they are for this lovely family day and delicious lunch...all the while looking fashionably casual. LOL!!!)

So that concludes my Spring Style Must Haves for today. Obviously I should also add that pink and other brights are always a great idea for the warmer seasons. I currently have a pink maxi dress carted  on Dottie because I'm thinking it would be just darling with my white blazer during one of my magical fantasy family outings ;-)

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