The Tie Breaker is.....

We are OVERJOYED that....

 I can honestly say I had NO IDEA (if forced to guess I would have said boy though) what the gender result would be but we feel so excited to know God's plan for our family. The kids are SO FREAKING EXCITED to know we are having a girl. Jay is as excited as any 2 year old boy would be. He cared for like 1 minute and then went back to playing tractors with his cousin :-) ....Janae on the other hand thinks we need to start working on the nursery, like, this week. HA! She is going to freak when she finds out we likely won't start on it for many more months. We did indulge in a little shopping trip...letting each kid pick out something for baby girl. Like her first little cuddle bunny and some pacifiers. And of course Janae had her way with the clothing section. I did order a matching baby headband and clip for Janae because HELLO! SISTERS!! I may make them dress the same "a few times." <insert me squealing with delight> 

We found out from the Progenity Verify DNA test my doctor office offered, that little miss is healthy according to that test. We are thanking God for over and over again for all negative results on any abnormalities that it tests for. Of course complications can always arise and the test is only 99% accurate for chromosomal defects but we are just feeling so blessed to have gotten good results. Of course this is also how we were able to find out the gender so early. We got the results while the kiddos were actually on a little trip to Nana and Poppy's house for spring break so we had to sit on the news for a few days which nearly took every ounce of self control I have. But we did really want to tell the kids before anyone else. We met at my sisters house to pick the kiddos up Saturday morning and surprised them with cupcakes and a gift with the baby's first outfit in it! Getting a good photo of these two crazies was IMPOSSIBLE mainly due to Jay really only wanting to go play with his bestie cousin. So we got a couple "eh" photos but then were able to finally get the squirmy wormy to sit still just long enough for a decent photo when we got home. 

Other pregnancy related updates....

Now that I'm officially out of my first trimester I feel like singing from the mountain tops. You ladies know what I'm talking about. The unexplainable relief from the first trimester worry and also fatigue and sickness. I mean can I get an "Amen"??? Goodness gracious! But also the relief this time knowing that was my last first trimester. We don't plan to be expanding our family any further so the sweet sweet realization of knowing I don't ever have to go through that again is also something I just can not convey in words. I know some of you ladies LOVE being pregnant but I honestly do not. I will say I do so more this time than the others. And I want to also say that while I know that sounds so insensitive to many women who are struggling to get pregnant even just once, I say it because its simply just MY truth. I very much feel blessed to have two healthy kids and another on the way and for the ability to have even carried all three of these babies. I don't ever for a second take that for granted. These sweet babies are very much worth the 9 months of pregnancy that I don't enjoy.

So lets see...

-So far my butt is definitely on its way to being bigger than my belly per usual. I may or may not struggle with controlling my sweets intake while pregnant. And pasta. And bread. Ok...I have no self control. So far I've gained only 2 lbs but luckily I can tell you with certainty that my butt is indeed where the 2lbs is since Tom so kindly informed me that my butt is a little bigger. #thanksTom

-I have been trying very hard to keep up at least two to three 15 minute workouts a week. I missed probably one whole week due to being sick at one point but other than that I've made almost all of them. I'm not doing cardio to keep weight off but just trying to focus on lifting weights, yoga, and working on staying as toned as possible. I do think it helped with how I felt the first trimester. I noticed a few different times I felt particularly bad and would push through a quick workout anyway and would feel a LOT better afterwards. With that said, I've NEVER been the person who feels energized or better after working out like some people. I usually just feel tired. HAHAHHAHA But I know for sure staying more active helped me this time. Will I still look like a beached whale on delivery day? Yes. Yes, I will. I'm just not committed to keeping a strict diet. Nope.

-Tom started sending his work clothes to the dry cleaners which has taken a nice load off me with the ironing issue. I have to say I'm embarrassed to admit it. But it was really sweet and thoughtful of him to just take it completely off my plate without me asking for him to. I totally didn't stop him either! ;-) This is a complete indulgence to me. I don't drink a Starbucks everyday or even every week like so many people so I think I'm allowed this one. hahaha See how guilty I feel? I even have to sit around and "justify" this in my head. I've always prided myself on trying to handle all chores and things myself that I have time and skills to do and this was one of the things that fell into that category. But he knew I loathed ironing days and that it took a whole nap time for me to complete so I really appreciated this "gift" he gave me.

-I have given up a couple drawers and storage spots of our house to let the kids put their stuff in them. I just can't even handle the picking up struggle. This has seemed to help make picking up much easier instead of me insisting things go back exactly where I think their "right" spot should be. If I didn't have the empty space I certainly wouldn't have made the space but since I did it has really has made a difference!

-I've totally been enjoying having a reason to buy some new clothes. I just love shopping people. I do. It's my hobby. Some people pay to go golfing or go to sporting events etc. I just like to shop. LOL

-Since I'm a year and half behind on Jay's scrapbook -I hang my head in shame- (I scrapbooked both Janae & Jays baby books and then did yearly updates after age 2) I have decided to do Project Life App on my phone for this peanut. I can easily add in snapshots from my phone and then just have the pages printed when they are done! My friend Amber did this for a whole solid year and loved it. She swears its easy peasy so lets see if I can keep up this route.

So thats all I've got for today on the baby front. We have a lot to look forward to but we have just as much to enjoy and love about life right now with Jay and Janae. We very much look forward to soaking in life as a family of four for the next handful of months!

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  1. So awesome that you're having a girl!! I'm with you, that first trimester is hell!! I envy that you have the energy to work out! I have a prenatal yoga DVD so I need to start on that asap!