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So I was actually going through my notepad app in my phone and saw this note for a blog post I had started a loonnnngg time ago about funny "facts" about me and couldn't believe I never shared. So here is the random list I had compiled of more craziness about me.

1. I got in trouble for talking too much on nearly every single report card growing up. If that isn't bad enough, Tom did too! And then we began dating in high school and would talk sooo much in Chemistry we got moved to opposite sides of the classroom. And in Study Hall we got ourselves kicked out of the library for a week at a time on more than one occasion for excessive talking. Since then Tom has ran out of things to say but I still have trouble turning it off. And now we have two kids who seem to never shut their mouths. Like seriously, my ears are bleeding every day from hearing so. many. words.

2. I literally think I look like Michael Jackson.
I mean of course our noses are way different and I have more fluff in my face than him but honestly...sometimes I catch myself in the mirror and swear I look like him and it seriously scares me.

3. I read Captain Underpants in 10th grade for a book report book...which caused the english department to set REAL GUIDELINES for book report book selections each month. I'll never forget my teacher saying "you have to be kidding me" when she realized I indeed had not been lying about reading Captain Underpants.

4. I have NEVER had detention! This one is like the biggest SHOCK of all! I mean I was and still am a fairly rule abiding person so its not like I ever did anything really bad but I did like to push the envelope and I have always had a spicy personality that has nearly gotten me into trouble a few times.  As my mother would say, I have always found the line and put my toe right on it ;-)

5. I have also never had a speeding ticket. And much to my husbands dislike, I'm kind of known for driving too slow. I'm actually pretty fearful of driving and transportation in general. I sometimes get a little nervous even when I'm not the person driving. With flying, I'm "OK" but I def have experienced some mild anxiety in the air before too. They day I got my drivers license my Dad made me drive home afterwards and I cried because I didn't want to. So this goes all the way back to the beginning for me. 

6. I HATE naps. I feel much much worse after naps then before. It is simply not worth it for that reason alone. But also I can't even handle the idea of sleeping away the day. I will never understand how people love naps so much. It is just not a good feeling for me.

7. Tom and I's senior year we skipped a day of school so that he wouldn't get perfect attendance. He hadn't ever missed a day of school through high school and I hadn't missed one for our senior year and we were "embarrassed" about it and didn't want to be recognized for perfect attendance in front of the whole school!

8. Im still sort of secretly in love with crushed velvet. I know, I know...thats sooooo like 1992 but I really can't stop thinking about it. I used to want a GK crushed velvet gymnastics leotard SO BADLY....but the ones I wanted were expensive so Mom wouldn't ever get me one. Tom says that if it will shut me up I can buy one now. Would that be weird?? I still honestly sort of want one and he doesn't want to hear about it anymore. Why can't I let this go?? (I just checked and GK doesn't sell any nearly as cool as what I used to want...maybe because its 2016 now?)

9. I'm irrationally afraid of my garbage disposal. I get so nervous to turn it on sometimes....like I'm afraid I'll suddenly stick my hand down there while its on or something. Apparently I don't believe in my own self control? It freaks me out so much that when we got new countertops and sink last summer, I almost didn't have them hook the garbage disposal back up!

10. My final quirk is something that I think is very real and was just explaining to Tom and he agrees that this is a real thing. So I love frosted mini wheat cereal and I have been eating it a lot with this pregnancy. But I get nervous/anxious when I eat it because for one I feel like I have to inhale it as fast as I can so the iced tops don't "dissolve" off into the milk but also I get super crazy about trying to turn all the pieces right side up so the iced top is exposed. At one point I was halfway done with my pre-bedtime snack of it the other night and I showed Tom..all the pieces turned the right way and only one layer thick in the bowl and said "there! that is so much better. I'm so relieved" Which is when we discussed that this is an actual issue for me. But, we are guessing that many people have the same problem with this. 

So thats that. Just when you thought I couldn't get any weirder. And congrats on wasting 5 minutes of your day reading this. 

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  1. I don't even know how to respond to this blog . . . .I'm so sorry world where did I loose control? Hahahahaha