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Has it really been another month? I mean I'm totally trippin' that it is already May! I thought I'd share some cuteness of what this last month looked like! (although, to keep it real there were plenty of not cute moments too ;-)...I just don't generally photograph those times! hahahahaha)

You will notice that most of those photos look pretty similar because, well, it's just literally what we have been doing. Outside...riding bikes...all the time.

Janae did some chores to earn some money over the last couple months and then had some money from Easter egg hunts and she wanted to get hermit crabs like her cousin. So we now have "Pinkie Toes" and "Fashion" the hermit crabs.

We have been tackling some outdoor projects as weather allows us. The boys especially enjoyed the day they rented a power washer. I think that "project" was more fun than work for them ;-)

The kiddos spent a few days at Nana & Poppy's over spring break so we had a few days to go out to eat, sleep in, go to the movies, go shopping, and just relax. 

 Jay HAS to "help" every week when Tom mows. He follows right behind him and I think seriously feels like he is actually cutting the grass too. It is pretty darn cute. 

Miss Janae had her first dance recital. We had both sets of grandparents in for that weekend so it was such a big busy and FUN weekend. The venue was sooo beautiful and she did so well. She is VERY outgoing but you never really know how they will react to being on a stage with and entire theater packed with people but she LOVED it. No nerves for this little chick. Her dance was an entire Paris/Eiffel Tower theme and it was adorable. I completely loved her little outfit! 

This was just a random school morning that kids WANTED their photo taken. So this is nothing other than cuteness and good moods!

This boy. Oh my. First of all he is wearing black with blue but details like that don't matter to him. He is so obsessed with his hat and made his Daddy get a matching one. It's completely adorable. This was just one of my afternoon hangouts with him. He LOVES to relax and cuddle after he wakes up from nap and its my favorite time with him. 

 When I say we ride bikes every single day, I really mean it. Even if it rains, the kids ride around in the garage. We have a pool club parking lot behind our house that we frequent a lot but only for another week and half before it opens....so we have been trying out new routes and longer rides since they are older. We have been riding to what will be Janae's elementary school next year and into other neighborhoods. They just LOVE it and it helps me get some easy exercise by having to walk fast to keep up. Win win!

This is just a typical crazy pose from Janae after she got some Lularoe leggings. I told her to smile for a photo for Amber (who sells it) and this was her modeling pose. When I was going through my photos I just giggled so much and had to include this on here. 

Both kiddos had dentist appointments. I don't know who dislikes dentist days more...me or the kids?? But we got super lucky and got an exam room that looked out to a construction site and it was like all my prayers answered in regards to keeping Jay occupied while it was Janae's turn. It was all good until the hygienist misspoke and asked if Jay could see the "bulldozer" out there....except she had her machinery terms off a notch and she MEANT a bobcat. It turned into a whole Jay panic attack that he couldn't find the bulldozer and at once point was trying to demand we go outside so he could look around for it when in fact there wasn't even one there. Goodness....boy/construction DRAMA! HAHAHA But we made it through rather successfully otherwise and earned milkshakes afterwards because we can't possible keep our clean teeth sugar free for longer than 30 minutes...and also because I'm not above bribing my kids. 

This was yet another bike ride where they love to stop and run out into this field by our house and pick dandelions or "flowers" in Janae's mind. She LOVES to fill the basket of her bike with them. And Jay just runs around like a crazy dude which is all he really wants to do anyway.

Janae had a field trip one day so Tom took off to stay with Jay so I could go along. After we got home that day we took advantage of a little extra Dad time and ran across the street to go fishing before it rained! They both got 2 fish each. All were babies except Jay's second one which was actually a really good size but its a catch and release. We are hoping to hit up a bigger lake real soon so we can do some serious fishing and fry up some filets! 

Are you sick of bike riding photos yet?? #Ihopenot #becausetherearemore 

One weekend we traveled for Tom's sister's baby shower and to stay and visit at his Mom's...(not a single photo. #momfail especially since it was full of totally cute moments of bounce house action with cousins, tractor rides with Papaw for Jay, and cousin sleepover time) and then on our way back the next day we met up with my sister to have her daughters ears pierced! My sister held Janae when we did hers so it was my turn to hold her little princess!

We also grabbed lunch and shopped at Bass Pro Shop together since the kids LOVE that store so much. Between all the 4 wheelers and boats and live animals...its always a fun time to browse through that store. I may or may not have bought a purple fishing pole! My sister found it and I was like OMG that is mine before I could even think twice. lol

And this is my nephew. I just had to include this photo because doesn't he seriously look like he needs one of these?? It like he was born to ride this thing. That mischievous look and all. He was probably giving that look to Jay who was next to him in that above photo, because these two LOVE to have bad ideas together. 

Do you see that mess?? Its a beautiful mess though...because it means I'm not lifting a finger to do any landscaping this spring! As you can tell our backyard slopes down and mulch is CONSTANTLY sliding off into grass so along with having all plants and mulching done around house we are having a  limestone retaining wall installed around patio to once and for all get this situation under control! I'm sure I'll post some photos of the finish product sometime! **You can only imagine how much BOTH kids are loving these dirt piles. I have cleaned up more mud and dirt off of them and their clothes in just a few days than all of their lives combined I think. 

Just a fun evening outside kicking balls and running out the last bit of energy we had (and by "we" I mean me and Tom...the kids never ever run out. duh)

We had an unexpectedly nice day this last weekend when it was "supposed" to be raining all day so we celebrated by going to our very favorite ice cream shop for the first time this season. You have to stand outside at the windows so its not a place we ever go during cold months. They have a fun chalkboard area where the kids can run around and draw. It's a family favorite! Jay wanted a bowl of strawberry and ate exactly 2 bites of it before stealing my chocolate cone. 

 Last bike photo. I promise. Somebody is practicing without her training wheels!!! She did really well for the first time! He was def. letting go for good lengths of time. She just has trouble stopping and completing turns. We put them back on for during the week when I'm solo with two kids for bike rides but Tom will take them back off again for next weekend to work on it some more. 

One day while Sis was at school we joined some neighbors on a walk to the park and we had a fun little morning just me and my dude.

And finally we had one whole Saturday of friend time. Some out of town friends popping by for a visit on their way to another destination followed by an adorable birthday party for one of Janae's school friends. It was at a horse stable. The kids got to groom a mini horse and meet all the big horses. They got to have a pony ride with a photo on the pony. They they painted picture frames to frame their picture from riding. It was SUCH a fun party. Janae already loves horses but even with that aside I thought it was just a really cool venue and activity for the kids. I love watching her just run around the arena with her little girlfriends too and then enjoy a hayride at the end. 
Later this month we are headed to my sisters for more horse riding. Janae has been asking to go ride my sister's horses since Christmas so we are making that happen. Plus then Jay can play with his best buddy and cousin. I'm sure they will just play in the barn and get dirty and have a grand time. 

Like I said, the pool opens this month and school ends so we excited for what is in store for this month too! We have started to think about nursery plans for baby girl and starting to make some purchases here and there. I'll be posting more on all that later this week! 

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  1. Your pictures are testimony why we have our kids when we are young, this old Nana couldn't keep up!