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So this is my direction for baby girl's nursery! I had originally wanted to wait to just post when we get it done but we really aren't in a rush...and since I'm bursting with my ideas and visions I wanted to go ahead and share our inspiration board. She will take over our current guest bedroom which we have compensated the loss by buying a large sectional sleeper for the basement. But in the mean time we know we have a few scheduled visitors and want to keep the guest bed in her room for as long as we can. We may go ahead and start painting and such but won't likely complete the room until somewhere very near or even after her arrival! We have started purchasing a few things and just popping them in the dresser of that room for now.

As of now we picked out this new monitor since our other two have crapped out on us in the last year and currently don't have a reliable working one. (don't worry..my Mama ears always hear the other kiddos at night. Plus they are both old enough to come to our room at this point and usually do when they need something. And then they stand there like creepers just one inch from your face waiting for you to open your eyes. It's all good. ) I let Tom be in charge of this purchase to give him a little "man gadget fix"

I got an antique rocking chair from my Grandmother's estate sale last year and it had a retro orange cushion on it...My mom took brought me fabric samples and we chose the bottom right to have it recovered from her person back home! (we REALLY LOVED the top right but that sample was $130 a yard!! OUCH!) I haven't yet decided if I'll paint the rocker creamy white to match the crib or leave it as is and maybe distress the finish a tad. It matches the color dresser in the room so the current wood color works if I just distress. Decisions, decisions ;-)

I have a Magnolia Homes Paint sample and we are verifying we love it before ordering a couple gallons! I mean the fact that this color is a handpicked color by Joanna Gains makes me squeal with delight!

I got that adorable and super soft blanket and this perfect little swaddle blanket. I've had a crush on these Ruby Blue headbands for a couple years now but Janae had outgrown that phase so I was so excited to finally buy a couple for this little lady!

I did order that sequin pillow and Kate Spade print from my board.

I FOR SURE want that crib! Its PERFECTION. I'm guessing that might be one of the last purchases since we are keeping the guest bed in that room for a while yet.

I want some cute gold Ball jar with beautiful pink silk flowers on the dresser. Ranunculus are one of my very FAVORITE flowers other than white roses. So I'm hoping to find some great silk versions.

I'm adoring those crib sheets above so I'm sure I'll order one or both of those. I'm thinking she will get that Kate Spade jewelry box but maybe not until a special occasion like baptism or Christmas. She will need somewhere to keep all her fancies after all ;-)

So anyway other than picking up a few fun outfits here and there to add to my saved favorites from when Janae was a baby thats where our head is at on adding little miss to the family!

OH! And the absolute most special moment happened last week one night. We were watching TV and Tom randomly just put his hand over on my belly and like 10 seconds later she kicked so hard. It was the first FOR SURE kick I've felt other than just the flutter feelings and he actually even felt it too which was insane! Both our other babies were in the early 20 week range before he could feel movement! I just really loved that we both got to experience the first kick together. What are the chances???

Now I just have to turn my attention to surviving the summer heat while pregnant! Oh and also Jay turning THREE this summer and Janae beginning Kindergarten. Thats really where I'll be focusing  over the next couple months.
Nursery by valrose featuring PBteen

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