The Mom Bun

HEYO! Summer is almost here, my ladies... which means sunscreen, swimsuits, and "mom buns"! Except if you have really thick hair alone then you know how hard the messy mom bun look is to achieve but combine that with only medium length hair..its nearly impossible to rock a cute bun. So I'm sharing my easy 5 minute "Mom Bun" video tutorial for anyone with thick medium hair. I even wore my yoga pants and top in keeping with the theme for the video. I'm just kidding. It wasn't for the video. It's just what I wear when I'm home. (even though I've basically almost completely abandoned working out except for trying to do a lot of walking since I'm just getting fat pregnant anyway. #thestruggleisreal #giveallmecarbs #andallthechocolate #illgetfullybackinshapeafterbaby)

Anyways.....Hope this helps!!! I'll be doing a summer beauty/hair/skincare products suggestion list for you all really soon too!

P.S.  I just found this blog post on a blog I ironically just recently starting reading-- was so appropriate for today's post ;-)

Today's the Best Day

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