Jumping In

We hear it all the time.. and sometimes its easy to see or hear and sometimes its not. But God is everywhere and a part of every single fiber of our lives. I told you all back when we announced our 3rd pregnancy that it was a decision that we never had a firm answer to until literally at the same time we both felt it placed on our hearts to expand our family. It truly wasn't any sort of real discussion that ended in the in the answer "yes"...it was the overwhelming feeling that we both had on our own  that it was meant for our family. Fast forward over the first 5-6 months of this year and I can confidently say that right now in our lives God is telling us to "jump in"...  From deciding to expand our family this year, to other very important parts of our life, but also many family life and motherhood things that individually aren't all that big of deal. I had mentally been writing this post in my head for a while now because I think we all like to hear testimonies from people about how God works in their life or even just a heartwarming story that reminds you that if you are asking for answers or direction that maybe you aren't listening or looking for them in the right spot.

Maybe just over a month ago(??) we were driving back from Target and I know EXACTLY where we were when God literally spoke to us through our children. Why do I feel so confident that it was a message we were supposed to hear?? Because it wasn't just me that interpreted it that way...it was Tom too. And it just completely applied to a few things that had been weighing on our hearts. It was a dreary day among MANY around that time and the kids were bumming hard because we had planned to go to zoo but couldn't due to rain. (Somehow we broke the cardinal rule by telling our kids we were going to go to zoo ahead of time. Please...if you are reading this and have just a baby or no children yet, please at least take away the knowledge of NEVER telling a child you are doing something until you are literally buckling them in to go.)  I responded to yet ANOTHER question about that days' weather saying "yeah...it is kind of a yucky day..." and without a moment of hesitation Janae (who previously had been completely mad about all the recent rain) goes "but rainy days make puddles which are so fun to jump in!" I swear to you, Tom and I just locked eyes on each other immediatly and knew that was a different message we were supposed to hear. When a 5 year old delivers a life message to you that you needed reminded of, its a pretty special moment...again like I said above it really applied to many different things in our lives. Tom and I actually didn't even say a word to each other about that moment until I feel like the next day or later that night and have since talked about a few times. But if you could have heard the remainder of the car ride home...seriously the giggles and serious talk about how cool puddles are from the kids, that alone was one of those breaths of fresh air during what had been a challenging couple of weeks at home with the kids for me. But the bigger message was heard loud and clear too. Since that day the whole rain discussion seems to have not ended which is rather funny. (Kids REALLY latch on to things and will discuss them until your ears bleed, right?!! lol)  I can't actually even believe how much we have discussed why rain is a good thing to help our world grow - gardens, trees, flowers...yada yada yada. But can you even think of anything more true in life? It really is the rainy days that grow us and our lives. It's the course correction ...unless we fight it. Which I've been known to do. Admittedly, I'm a control freak and a worrier. I forget to let go and acknowledge that I'm not the one who is supposed to have this under control.

None of this is earth shattering information. We all "know" this...but when we aren't paying enough attention, or when we grow arrogant, God uses something or someone (like our children) to deliver a message we weren't listening to or confident in otherwise. I think on that day we needed the nudge we got from that innocent comment made in the car. Being someone who gets stuck in her own head with her own to do list and is a compulsive planner we have had a really joyful last few weeks since learning from our kids.


The way Jay just runs and belly flops into the pool and just seriously laughs his face off each time.

The way both my children try new things with very little fear. (or none, if its Jay)

The way Janae can speak on stage at her Pre-K graduation with confidence....and has no reservations about moving on to the next phase in her life. 

The way they plunge into life is seriously inspiring. 

I have no real news flash for you today...just felt like sharing something simple and joyful in our life right now that felt like something much bigger.

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