Things around here are in full swim Summer mode. We love it, of course. We love to be outside playing and getting wet! We are so tired already from the warmer temps and extra activity but there is no time to be tired when we are having so much fun, right?

Jay likes to swim with Dad the most. Because Jay is a daredevil and Tom will take him to the deep end.  Even though he has a life jacket on and its really no different than the shallow end, I think he just knows its like "super cool" to go to the deep end.

Janae spends every second jumping in over and over again and diving for her rings!

We love the pool but honestly half the time they enjoy just doing sprinkler and water balloons in our own yard just as much! So we use our evenings for that kind of fun and get the lawn and landscape watered all at the same time!

Jay was napping one day and Janae was dying to go swimming so this is what she came up with! BAAAHAHHA

First Day of Pre-K and Graduation Ceremony evening before the last day! I mean look at her legs! She grew a TON this last year in height. She is of course still a total peanut otherwise ;-)

Her very last day! I can't believe she is such a big girl now.

Naps have been key to happy moods with the summer heat and heavy physical activity outdoors. I was so nervous Jay was going to give up his nap a few months back but I think napping is here to stay through the summer. He hasn't been fighting it nearly as much. Thank goodness because this Mama needs a BREAK too!!!!!!! 

One day this boy will take up more than one cushion on my couch. He is such a little boy with such big energy. 

Last day of school called for dual (ok triple nap time if you include Dixie) naps to recharge for summer!

Just because he is so cute and I love sleeping babies. (He turns 3 in like 3 weeks so he isn't exactly a baby anymore but my kids are always going to be my babies)

After a ton of spring rain we FINALLY made it to the zoo which the kids always LOVE.

We all went to my 21 week appointment and ultrasound a few weeks ago and then we had breakfast at the same place as when we went to Janae's ultrasound! Bub's Cafe is seriously delicious and it was fun to go back to the place from when we were just beginning our family. 

Projects projects projects! I may or may not be nesting like a freaking crazy woman. I've got to do list a mile long and of course it all seems "super important" in my nesting brain. So Home Depot and Lowe's and our local hardware store have been regular errands over the last month or so. I'm so lucky that Tom just puts up with my hyper nesting mode. I think he is going to deserve a really relaxing Father's Day weekend.

We have gone hiking a handful of times now as family (only once this spring though) but its such a fun adventure and great way to spend time together and get active. The kids completely wore me out on this one though. I wanted to be done after one big trail and they begged us to do another trail. I literally was the last to the car and was so exhausted the whole rest of the day. We have it on the docket to do later this week or weekend and I'm making a rule that we only do one trail this time. This chicken can't keep up!

Have I mentioned that Jay is obsessed with his Dad? lol He loves to match him and help him pick out his clothes every single day. Its so cute to see how much he thinks the world of Tom. They were just looking so cute together one night after dinner and I had to snap a pic of it!

Janae went to her first little dance camp. It was fairy themed and so adorable. She had the best time so we signed up for another one next month that is a Frozen theme. 

Sparklers and s'mores have been heavily requested lately. We love to get our baths all done and then end the last hour with sparklers, a fire if its a cooler evening, or something low key on the patio when the temps have dropped a little! We busted out the outdoor movie screen once already and hope to later this week for Zootopia. The kids especially love that because they get to stay up late since it doesn't get dark until 9!

Myself and the kids met up with a friend and her kids for Strawberry picking! It was our first time! The kids, of course, loved it and enjoyed snacking as they went ;-) I think they ended up picking like 3 pounds!

While Janae was at dance camp one day I took my little dude to a local fire museum for a Mama & Son date. There were 4 trucks they can climb in and explore plus tons of other fire fighter related items like the hoses and helmets etc. Jay was ate up! I just smiled and watched as he and a couple friends we invited climbed around on the trucks for a solid hour! 

He insisted on wearing the hat backwards. hahahah

And, we just ended an amazing weekend spent back home. We did *all the things* Like, seriously, I can't even believe how many different things we did but it was SO FUN. From paddle boat on a lake for Jay & Tom while Janae and I went to try on flower girl dresses, to our friend's Son's 1st birthday party, to tractor and rustler rides, visiting Tom's parents, and fireworks and catching lightning bugs. We did it all. Everything.

This week and next we are trying to just relax and enjoy a bit of a slower pace before July picks up. July is gonna be BUSY but so so so FUN.

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