Stretch Marks, Shorts, & Scrubs

I've been super lucky *this far* ...2 1/2 pregnancies and basically no visible stretch marks on my belly ( I DO have two very small ones right at my belly button that really aren't visible when not pregnant) My stomach has been good to me and gotten back to being rather tight after my other two pregnancies (fingers crossed for this time!).... But don't go hating on me yet. I know what many of you are thinking but not many women get off that easy! You guys...I have the WORST stretch marks EVER (even Mother Hen has told me how terrible they are) on my inner thighs up through my groin area...and also some back through my lower back/hip area I wish I could blame by babies on them...however I actually developed a lot of them when I was cheerleader in high school. I grew VERY fast one summer that I was cheering and doing gymnastics and I don't know if it was just the combination of my activity level and growth or what, but at the young age of 15 my Mom said I had worse stretch marks than she did! True story people. Then add a couple pregnancies in there over the next 15 years and some above recommended weight gain and they def. got a little worse. And if that isn't bad enough I've been "lucky" enough to snag up those family genes that cause varicose and spider veins. Again, Those actually came about while not pregnant as well, when I was standing on my feet 10-12 hours a day at the salon but each pregnancy has had an impact on them and now they are a mess. I'm probably going to have to have them dealt with after this pregnancy :-(

So for 9 months of the year I don't actually even care about my legs as I keep them concealed in my beloved yoga pants & leggings but then there is the dreaded shorts season. I like the way they look on many other women but I've never really enjoyed the way they look on me or felt like they were 100% my style. I also don't find them terribly comfortable either. They just aren't my thing...but I have two young children that require I move fast, pick things up every 3 seconds, or have them hanging on my leg...which means shorts have to be a realistic wardrobe essential. And being pregnant and wearing shorts is like the ultimate worst to me. 
And let me just vent for a moment. Here is a huge issue I have with shorts. Do you go long or short inseam? See I prefer they be long enough to cover my hoo-ha region but then the longer they get where they cover my stretch marks they start to feel like the leg prisons of skinny jeans and then that just freaks me out and gives me claustrophobia issues. I have determined there is no length I like. How are you all happily & comfortably wearing shorts in the summer time? Please tell me!
 <End rant>

I ramble all this because as I'm sure you are gathering my legs are not exactly my favorite part of my body. And honestly...I KNOW no one is probably even looking at my veins or stretch marks and if they are, it probably makes them feel better about having their own imperfections. But it still doesn't mean I enjoy how visible it is. But if I MUST wear shorts, I, at the very least, want my legs to feel good. Who doesn't love silky smooth legs?

I've tried and loved a few different scrubs from various stores but I always end up going back to my favorite at home recipes. 

1. It is MUCH cheaper
 2. I can't tell the store bought ones work any better.

I use a combo of these three ingredients for various scrubs.

Brown Sugar - Coconut Oil - (Unused) Coffee Grounds

The first scrub I ever made a couple years ago was a lip scrub using just brown sugar and coconut oil. But since have made scrubs combing all three ingredients for my whole body. You can find a zillion different recipes on Pinterest for homemade scrubs that help with different skin issues but these ingredients are my favorites. I feel like when I use a scrub one or two times a week I enjoy my legs a bit more. At least they feel really nice and other than the imperfections the skin glows nicely from being exfoliated and well moisturized.

When I mix them, I use the least of coconut oil because a little goes a long way and I do about equal amounts of brown sugar and coffee grounds. I mix together and store in a air tight tupperware or jar container!

I should also add that I LOVE coconut oil all on its own. I use after my shower one or two times a week instead of regular lotion. It's a tad oily (obviously) but not nearly as greasy like Aquaphor can be. I use it on the kids as well. Its an amazing moisturizer!

So thats more than you all ever needed to know about my skin/short/scrub situation. lol But if you are needing a good skin refresh for wearing your short shorts this summer, you should try making a scrub! You won't be sorry!

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  1. The figs scrubs for men have the typical drawstring tie waist. I'm short. The legs are just a little long on me but not an issue. I'm used to having that problem anyway.