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Oh la la! I LOVE these posts!! I love curating collections of the things I'm currently loving! Today's is all over the place...in keeping with typical me and this blog! lol I'm going to talk about all the things today. We need to discuss statement tee's, online shopping, people you should be stalking on social media, some things you need to own, good reads, & your Starbucks order! I've basically got your entire life covered today. You will close this post with no more questions in life. Ok, I'm getting a little arrogant...I mean these things are pretty fabulous though.... (ALL LINKS ARE AT THE BOTTOM)

Mom Essentials

Starting in top left is the logo for EVEREVE which is a locally owned store. If you aren't local you can shop online but if you are local you can find it at Clay Terrace or Hamilton Town Center. I kind of stumbled in there a couple months back for the first time and then ended up spending WAY TOO MUCH money (and I think I've even been back twice since then for a couple items)....but its such a great store you guys. Its specifically geared towards Moms. Some items are kind of pricey and higher end (like jeans and jackets) but there is a lot that is completely affordable too. It's filled with comfy practical pieces that are 100% on trend. While they market towards young mothers I really think anyone who is probably college age to my own mother's age would love this store. You gotta check it out, ladies!

Ok so you all know I'm like stupid obsessed with my kate spade stud earrings but since my hair is getting longer I felt like trying something more dangly and fun. I've been eyeing Nickel and Suede for a while since I have follow the owner's blog for years now. She and her husband own this brand and make these leather earrings. I just got them and LOVE them. They are light weight and so soft since they are leather. They do come in 3 sizes so if you don't want super giant ones you can order the smaller size. But I like to go big or go home so I grabbed both those colors shown in big sizes ;-)

This FREE printable (link at bottom) caught my eye on Pinterest a few weeks back so I printed it for our playroom. I thought it was so perfect! Our playroom is usually a mess...but that just means there were some kids hard at work in there which brings me "happimess". 

I also saw a random pin by someone else for this book Grace Based Parenting and again, it sort of just stuck with me so I ended up ordering it. I'm about 1/3 through the book but so far I'm really loving it. I wouldn't say that I love self help or this type of genre of books but over the last few years I have found so much encouragment and positivity from these types of reads. So much of the world around us clouds my mind sometimes and I have really enjoyed quiet time to read books like this to refocus and re-energize. If this is your sort of thing, I don't think you will be disappointed in it!

There isn't much I love more than a good statement tee. I had my eye on this "Mom so Hard" one for a while and finally bought it! I love a shirt that makes me giggle. I especially love humorous Mom shirts.

So I just randomly picked up this tinted Pixi Shea butter chap stick at Target and Im obsessed. I love the color and its soooo moisturizing. Ive been meaning to go buy it in another color too! Total winner!

I know I've mentioned this before too, but I could drink a Peach Green Tea Lemonade every day of my life in the summer from Starbucks. I mean, I don't, but I could. And I'm not even a Starbucks lover. I usually treat myself once or twice a week though when this seasonal drink is avail! Even Janae loves it and usually chooses it over a cake pop ;-)

Ok. The back pain and lower belly muscle pain I've been having with this pregnancy is LEGIT. Like WOAH. I did NOT EVER have this type of pain with my other two. Doc says it sounds sort of like hormones affecting my muscles and also that my uterus is low and with my third child my body basically hates me. lol Anyway, I decided to try this Blanqi under bust support tank that I had heard about even back when I had Jay. It really has been nice. I have only been wearing on the days that hurt really bad and when I plan to do a lot of walking. But I do really think it helps and provides nice support. Does it eliminate all the pain? No...of course not. It the same as an ankle brace. It doesn't take away pain but it helps support everything around it so that extra weight isn't just hanging down on the already screaming muscles. So for any pregnant Mamas out there I'm giving this one two thumbs up if you need some extra support! 

So the bottom cluster of t-shirts/printable is all connected. The gal in the photo is Colleen Stine. She has an INCREDIBLE story that I've been following since the day her sister was tragically killed through domestic violence. To give you some brief background her sister's mentally ill husband took her and his own life a couple years ago....leaving not only unimaginable grief, but, two little boys for Colleen to take in and raise as her own. She actually belongs to my very church in my community and her sister was a teacher at my church's grade school. Though, I've never had the chance to meet her in person I have been following her journey through Facebook, Instagram, and now just a huge follower and supporter of her business. I actually can't believe I have never shared about her before. I really admire her, her family, and what she is doing with her life when the unthinkable happened. I seriously encourage you to look her up on social medias and check out her business Mama Said Tees. She is a bright light in this world. Her IG link and Mama Said link are at the bottom of the post!

My final thing I just have to share is Poshmark which I don't have on my collage at the top! 
Have you all seen the ads before and not really thought about what it is? I had seen it a million times on Facebook ads and such but never looked into it. So I had really wanted a Kate Spade diaper bag but um...hello...they are like 400 dollars. So for a while I actually had myself convinced that I was going to splurge in celebration of my last pregnancy but then I talked myself out of it like a smart person. But I'm not going to pretend like I still didn't want it SO BAD...the other week all the sudden I was like..WAIT! I should google and see if I can find a used one. I'm so not above that. Especially knowing that it would only get used for one baby! Tons of results popped up for various sites but I clicked on Poshmarks because it was the top result and found hundreds of results. Total jackpot!! Some were still priced pretty high but I was finding a LOT in the hundred dollar range so I just scrolled through until I found the print I wanted. It was listed at $150 but still feeling like a cheapo I decided it couldn't hurt to actually just place a little bid instead of just buying outright. So I threw out 115 to her and she accepted! You guys...I'm beaming about this victory! hahahahah It made me more happy than I think it probably should have but I don't even care. lolol Anyway, thats my big "find" that I HAD to give myself one last pat on the back about. (seriously, I know...I need to get over it already) So if you like a good deal on designer and higher end goodies I think you should check this site out!

ahhhhh its so pretty, right?? I heart it!

So thats what I've got for ya today. Hope you find a new favorite from my favorites right now!!




Grace Based Parenting



My Happimess.

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  1. LOVE that diaper bag! I don't have any babies and I want it, haha!