Shanty Shelves!

I wanted to share a few fun details from the nursery! It's slowly coming along!! We pretty much have all the things we need at this point but are still working on relocating all the storage items we had been keeping in that closet and we still have a bed in that room for guests until she is full time sleeping in her room. But I love sharing our DIY projects on here and it just occurred to me that we did this project like a month ago and I never shared it! 

To any of my fellow readers who love HGTV, DIY Network you all may follow Shanty 2 Chic? They have had a couple pilots aired on those channels named "Open Concept"....But their actual blog and social media accounts are Shanty 2 Chic which I've been following for years. I love their work and style but yet had never actually used their plans for any of my own projects. So as I got to thinking about what I wanted on the walls in this little chicks room I knew I wanted shelves. First thing I thought is floating shelves are honestly quite expensive if you buy nice ones and secondly they usually aren't the sturdiest when they are only just hung with two anchors and screws. So I presented the idea of building them to Tom, who LOVED the idea. (he likes a good project just as much as me ;-) So I knew just the place to go. So we used Shanty 2 Chic's free plans (they have multiple for different sizes if you just search around on their site)

So off to Home Depot we went that very day!

Tom got the lumber cut and built up onto the wall within an hour I'd say! It was a super fast project!
Then we got them all stained the next day.

And of course then the fun part came...shopping for accessories and items to organize and style the shelves! 

Right now the bed we still have in there is currently under these shelves but when we get rid of the bed we plan to get a little cubby style shelf or some sort of great little cabinet situation to go underneath for toys, books, and more necessities down the road. 

It is all coming together nicely. We are 30 weeks with this little lady so we could be as little as just 7 weeks away from meeting her if she decides to be an early bird like her sister was! Just for fun here is a crib photo that I don't think I've shared on here yet (I did on my Instagram though ;-) I still need a crib skirt and a mattress pad under that sheet but between me and Janae we just couldn't wait to pop a cutie sheet on there and see how cute it will be!

Now just imagine a sweet little newborn laying in there! <squeals!>


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  2. How is that my hildenbrand is so creative and I still have the same style/decor going on in my house 10 years later. I am doing some serious thinking about paint colors. Who knows maybe I will take the plunge.