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Just wanted to do a quick life photo dump on here today! It's been a minute since I did that! We wrapped up a completely crazy busy July and had a much more low key August with the exception of school starting. We are now in major slow down mode. Its baby month. (technically due Oct 4th but I'm down to 4 weeks but most likely less since I've been early the other two times)  So we have been really intentional on how we are spending our quality family time with the kids and really soaking in life as we know it. After the last couple weeks of some fun family activities and this past wonderful 3 day Labor day weekend I can say my heart is really content and ready for our new little lady to join... with the exception of apple picking plans hopefully this next weekend! I can't really find the words to explain what I was feeling but there was just something I NEEDED yet after the summer's busy-ness and I feel like it took all of August and then finally this last long weekend for me to finally feel "ready"....I just needed easy, cozy, quality time with just Janae & Jay....It was almost like the opposite of feeling the need for "closure" of a situation or something. I was needing the feeling of my mind and heart to be fully open and ready. I think I can honestly say I feel peaceful and ready and I think the kids do too. 
Anyway...here is some glimpses of what we have been up to since mid July when I did my last life photos post!

Jay Jay finished his little "bitty ball" tee ball clinic and got a little medal. He was so proud!

Miss Janae basically decided we needed to have a garage sale because the neighbors were having one, one week in July when I was gone to the doctor and Tom didn't exactly tell her no so the idea got kinda set in her mind....It was HORRIBLY HOT but we made a few hundred by selling a fair amount of things we really had been meaning to get rid of for some time at that point! 

This guy turned 30!! We took him to his favorite restaurant and bought him a beer and wings ;-)
The next day we headed for a long weekend to Gatlinburg with his family. We had SUCH a good trip getting away and relaxing! 

The kids LOVED the go carts. Jay even got in a very minor "crash" when he was riding with Grandpa and I swear as much as it made me a little scared it was like the highlight of his life. Boys, I tell ya.

Two things. 
1. He is the CUTEST sleeper ever of all time. End of story. Janae is much more of a pass out   type sleeper that ALWAYS looks like she is crashing HARD... and he is soooo cuddly, cute, & peaceful looking. 

2. I mean I'm just obsessed with sleeping babes and I miss seeing this sweet face all peaceful each day butttt.... We are about a month nap free 90% of days so these sweet little moments are few and far between now! I SOOOOO MISS HIS NAP TIME...but it has made such a huge improvement in his going to bed routine at night....He is falling asleep in 10 minutes or less at a much more reasonable time instead of dragging bedtime out for an hour and not leaving any time for Tom and I afterwards. Plus he has been sleeping in in the mornings. 

Big girl off to Kindy! She rides the bus which is her FAVORITE. She has also decided she loves school lunches so I've totally gotten off the hook with packing lunches! 

Girlfriend worked so hard this summer on her stamina to swim in the super deep ends of our pool. So we finally let her start jumping off the diving board. I wish I had a photo of Jay but he actually did it for the first time the other week too! (he wore a life jacket ;-) I love when they try new things and step out of their comfort zone! 

Janae has really gotten into the American Girl movies in the last six months or so and started to have her eye set on one their new Wellie Wishers dolls. Like I said in the beginning of the post we have been really intentional about our family time and making some efforts for some one on one time with each kid... So on the same day Jay and Tom hit the lego store for a boy outting to grab a fun new lego set... I took Janae to the American Girl store to pick out her first AG doll!  

Oh my lawwwddd it rained and rained and rained in August. It honestly got to the point where the kids stopped caring and just played outside in the rain anyway. One weekend day they "swam" in the coolers (classy, I know...but they LOVED IT) and had the best time just being soaking wet outside!

Again, the rain. Omgosh. It was like every weekend. But we ventured out to a sunflower maze at a local orchard/farm despite the weather. It rained on us almost the whole time but the kids had a BLAST. Tom and I agreed that the rain and mud made it even more fun for them. 


Tom stumbled on some crazy cheap Colts tickets (total nosebleed seats but if you have ever been to Lucas Oil Stadium you know that really no seat is bad there.) But it was our kids very first Colts game and their minds were blown! Tom and I couldn't believe how much the loved it and honestly would have stayed the entire game. We leave in the 3rd quarter though because it was already after 9pm at that point. 

I just love this photo. I feel like this was a moment Tom has waited for since the day Jay was born. To take his son to a football game...to show him the sport he LOVES.

And this photo basically sums up this last weekend. I don't even know what to say. We spent most of the weekend just at home being the weirdos we are! We got in one last swim...

 Tom got away for a guys boating day....I snuggled my babes....ran some errands...nested a little bit and got a few things ready for our new girly...

And now we move forward with fall y'all! 

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