Game Day!

So one of my favorites of fall that I had mentioned a few weeks back is Football! Game Day is so fun! My husbands passion for football can be a bit excessive but I do have to admit I appreciate all the fun and excitement that football brings to fall/winter life. It's fun to watch. It's fun to go to games. It's fun to gather. It's fun to cook for it. It's a whole community.  Our little family just really loves football season. So I wanted to do a whole post "tackling" our favorite traditions and things! 

But regardless of who you are reading this post, weather you like the Colts or the Broncos...or you are more of a college football fan.... there is something here for everyone! Maybe you don't like the game...but maybe you enjoy cooking and hosting get-togethers for your husband and his friends! Maybe thats something you can do to show your love for him even if it isn't exactly your favorite sport. Invite the wives and do your own thing while they do yours! No matter who you are you can make this a fun exciting season to be a part of!

We try to go to at least one game a season...(Tom usually goes to many more than me through work opportunities or with friends) I wrote the other week that we took the kids for the first time! YAY! So fun! They LOVED IT! I love how much the kids get so excited to wear their Colts gear. Gotta train them up right!

We also love to host some game days. Sometimes we have done family gatherings like this one a few years back...

and sometimes its with neighbors & friends. When it is nice outside we love to keep the mess out of the house plus its much more conducive to keeping the kids happy and entertained! We have used our outdoor projector...but don't fret if you don't have one! Just move a TV outside for your man and his friends! We have done that too! Anyway, no matter if you are invited over to someone's or just doing a family day, or hosting your own little viewing party I wanted to share some ideas of how to make it fun for all!

(Im taking votes on who thinks this was safe? I was cooking away in kitchen completely oblivious to the set up procedures taking place yesterday while Tom and his neighbor guys were getting ready for the game so we could screen outside....One of the wives sent me these as she looked out her house and saw these guys doing this.....)

Back in the back corner of those photos you can see my taco dip. Its like a "thing" with the neighbors. Its basically a "must" for every game. I actually got the recipe from my friend Natalie but its sooo good, I have to share!

*THESE WERE KINDA HARD*  First of all, who can cut brownies better than me? I clearly suck. Secondly....omgoodness trying to put that icing detail was so hard because the top of brownies wants to flake away etc. I'm probably not doing that again. lol! But the kids loved them! 

In addition to all this usually all the neighbors bring a dish or two and we all just feast all day. Its so delicious and fun! By the end of the first quarter my kitchen was over flowing with food! 

I wanted to give a list of ideas of things to help get the ball rolling if you are trying to figure out a fun game day celebration!

-Do a whole beer sampler bar (& wine if you wish for the ladies!)
-Appetizers are where it's at! cook up some of these delicious treats...or if cooking isn't your thing order wings from BDubs and scratch cooking off your responsibility list! 
-Get team colored juices & snacks for kids!
-Encourage willing participants to come up with their own cheer or halftime performance and pick a winner! ( we REALLY did do this at my family party a couple years ago and it was hilarious!) Seriously, if you have fun outgoing males in the group like we do, give 'em a couple beers and see what they come up with. It's sure to be a good laugh. 
-Games for everyone- bust out the corn hole boards or if you have a crew of young girls (maybe boys too! I know some boys would totally do this!) who love to craft encourage them to make posters for their team! Or set up a football obstacle course in your hard. Trust me....the men will be doing this along with the kids. They are just over-grown male children after all! lol!
-If going to a game you can always do a traditional tailgate...or try a restaurant before. This is our personal choice of pre-gaming. We love to go out for a good lunch/dinner before game and have a few brew before walking to the stadium.

Weather you like football or not....you surely like fashion a tad, right??? You don't have to be rolling your eyes over the idea of wearing a jersey. Honestly there are SO MANY cute choices these days from Target to NFLshop.com that you can find some cute tops to look the part! Grab a cute top and dont be afraid to mix it up with some normal wardrobe choices so that you feel like you! When I'm at home I'm a total leggings girl with my gear but when I go out I usually mix it up with a jacket or puffer vest and some jeans and wedges. You can make football cute. If an actual logo'd top isn't your deal just wear a team colored outfit! 

And for my fellow Colts fans here are favorite tops this season. (and for you Tom...I really wouldn't be upset if that first grey sweatshirt came to live with me. Size M please....Just sayin' LOL)

Colts Selections

So I hope all this today helps with some football inspiration for you all!!


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