Friday Favorites Fashion!

I just needed to share a favorite outfit today. I'm obviously geeking out over wearing (or trying to) normal clothes again! But I have a few new favorites and I had to dish on them!

If you know me, you know I LOVE flares. I mean I love leggings the most but I try to put on real outfit at least a couple times a week! haha but if I'm gonna go there...then I'd prefer flares if its someplace that I can get away with wearing heels! (because flares and flats don't mix) Even at my smallest, I have hips so I really like the way they balance my bottom half. I bought these flares while still pregnant in anticipation of the day I'd be able to button them. (please don't get the wrong idea...they are NOT my pre-baby size) I mean it was close call yesterday but I they officially zipped and buttoned so its a small victory. Listen...3rd baby wasn't as easy on the body! The weight is NOT coming right off like it did the first two times....but I digress....
 These were super soft and comfy jeans though. I got them from Nordstrom, the were priced really well and you can find them here if you want some fabulous flares!!

and then this sweater! Omgoooooodness. It was love at first size. Maybe you will see a trend here but I'm a total sucker for a bell sleeve or anything with a little spice like that! I saw this one on the hanger and loved it then..but tried it on with the bralette the sales assistant suggested and I was SOLD. The sleeves. The color and material. The fun cut out in the back exposing the lace bralette. It was all perfection. At first I was like oh I love lacy bralettes but Im nursing.  (cue my internal pity party)...but then I thought for a minute...wait..I think I could actually nurse pretty easy with a bralette since they are so soft and flexible! Cha-Ching! It came home with me!! Both pieces are from one of my favorite shops, Evereve. I want to add for any nursing Mamas or anyone who may be in the future that I wore it for the entire day yesterday and things worked out perfectly! 

So thats my little emergency Friday favorite fashion post! 

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