I have been excited to write this post since the day we found out we were pregnant with Sadie. I'm so excited to share our family photos as a family of five today... we are all here now. It is such an exciting feeling to see my family all in one room and in these pictures....to see this beautiful family Tom and I built. We don't expect or plan to expand our family anymore...but just for safe measure I will def. say "never say never"....just because we all know God has the ultimate plan for us. But if it is up to us I would say you are looking at our complete family. I'm so thankful for that morning almost a year ago when I woke up and finally KNEW without a doubt that we were still missing a member.  I'm even more thankful for a husband who was not only open to the idea but also had been feeling the same thing. My heart is so full and happy with my three beautiful blessings. I feel so lucky to be their mother and to have three bundles to love on. I have to pinch myself. While it certainly isn't always sunshine and rainbows around here, I wouldn't change a thing. They are each so much fun and so different. So with our photos I wanted to share three things about each of my loves today just for fun (and because I love a good theme. lol)

Janae Rose

1. Mastered riding her bike without training wheels this fall! 

2. Has two teeth loose! The tooth fairy will be visiting soon!

3. Spends almost all her free time drawing & dancing.

Jay Thomas

1. Has melted our hearts becoming a big brother. His caring sensitive side has impressed me beyond words. He is still a very spunky boy but has been so thoughtful and caring towards Sadie. Also has been MUCH LESS jealous than we expected him to be!

2. Is still crazy obsessed with football and recognizes Andrew Luck by both jersey/number and by face. 

3. Is starting School Skills Preschool in 2 weeks! 

Sadie Claire

1. Takes a daily bottle with ease!! We are so relieved. (many of you probably know this was a HUGE issue with Jay as he wouldn't take a bottle or paci until he was almost 7 months old.)

2. Loves the rock-n-play.

3. So far is my first baby to not be a "spitter" YAY! She has spit up a couple of times but nothing even close to the severe acid reflux we experience with the other two. With that said.... I CAN tell she refluxes some though just based on her faces and sounds of burps. Only difference is nothing is coming back out MOST of the time.

Thanks once again to my dear friend Kelly at Kelly Alberts Photography for all the beautiful images. We so appreciate all your talent, time, and patience with our family! 

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