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Woah. Where have I been? HAHA...oh maybe just trying to survive life with 3 kids?!?! I'm only 50% kidding. We have been adjusting about as well as I think you can hope for honestly, but I AM a LOT busier. I have been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now and thanks to a baby that I need to stay up to feed before I go to sleep I'm finally getting around to it!
So I LOVE trying new products. Its totally one of my favorite things. I wanted to share my thoughts on the handful I've tried in the last 2 months or so. (all links at the bottom)

Product Haul

Ok first up..the Essie "gel" polish. It is supposed to wear like a gel, lasting up to two weeks. I was not impressed. Essie is not ever my favorite brand. So many ladies just adore Essie but I just really do not. I've always felt like it gets way too much hype. Essie has a beautiful color selection but thats where my praises end for them. I do think this polish lasted a bit longer than normal but not enough for me to purchase anymore of it.

Below the polish is Color Tattoo eyeshadow. I love fast makeup when I have a baby. Not a day goes by (unless I'm completely down and out sick) that I don't wear makeup and do my hair of some sort. It's not what other people think as much as how I feel. I don't feel good or ready for my day without some makeup and my hair at least sort of acceptable. Don't get me wrong I don't ever look flawless but I like to put some effort in. I truly love to get ready in the mornings. It's my "me" time. I let the kids watch a little something and I spend 20 min getting ready with a cup of coffee. So this easy to apply "liquid-ish" shadow is perfect when I'm in phase of life when I need to stick to more of a timeline on the makeup application. I also LOVE that its long wearing. I have loved this one much more than other brands tried in the past. (There are LOTS of colors too) If I have a little extra time or am actually going somewhere, I apply this and pop a quick stroke of charcoal in the creases over this to smoke out my eyes a bit. This one is a total winner!

Ok girl crush moment. I love Joanna Gains! Who doesn't? In her new Magnolia Home magazine she included this Brow Wiz as one of her favorite products and I HAD to try. I LOVE it!! Its fantastic! I usually just use shadow with an angle brush and just fill in my brows but this applies like an eyeliner and then has that brush on the end to tidy your brows afterwards. Pricey product but is a new must have for me!

AG Brunette Dry Shampoo is probably my favorite dry shampoo for dark hair so far. It is the least offensive color is my main reason. Dry shampoo is hard with super dark hair and this color isn't perfect but its the best I've tried. So if you are a medium to dark brown this is worth a shot!

Aquage Dry Shampoo. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Aquage products. I'm PASSIONATE about aquage. Truly, when I was still behind the chair I sold almost exclusively Aquage products. I just can't even put into words how much I love Aquage. This dry shampoo is FANTASTIC...but not as dry shampoo. I hate that they labeled it that and that I bought it for that reason. I didn't find that it acted like a dry shampoo the way I wanted it to...but rather, an amazing texturizer. I think if you have fine hair and need some oompf this is a good option...I think if you are second day hair, this won't absorb oil exactly but you can spray throughout rest of hair and get more texture through ends and "even" up the look a bit more. So for this one, I'm disappointed but excited all at the same time. I just think its mislabeled.

Kenra Matte Hairspray...Girls, I'm loving this one. I love that it lacks that awful shine that can make your hair look dirty with just one too many sprays....and I love that it just gives such a touchable soft finish while still providing hold. This is a good one. You need to try it out! It is NOT a super strong hold spray but it is a great daily casual spray.

Color Tattoo Crayon. Eh....it is ok. I like the colors. I don't exactly love how it applies as much. I would probably skip it if I were you.

BB Don't Blow It is meant to go in wet hair and air dry...hence the "don't blow it".....I think this product has a fantastic texture. Two thumbs up. It does not have a lot of hold so if you are looking for hold this product isn't for you. This one is great for calming and defining without being heavy & adding a nice finish without being too shiny. I have used in both my medium textured hair and my daughters super fine hair and it was really nice in both our hair. I like to let my hair air dry after I shower in evenings and then I style in morning. So this is a great prep product for me to let air dry into my hair so that my hair is super manageable in morning. If you have a tad more wave pattern to your hair than I do, you might get away with completely not even having to touch up your style! 

So those are fun new products! Have you all fallen in love with anything I need to know about? I'm always looking for new ones to try!! 

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