Christmas Jammies

My F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E Christmas tradition is Christmas jammies on my kids. I mean I just melt over this stuff. I want to coordinate my kids for life. If you live under my roof and I put your meals on the table then you shall wear Christmas jammies for me.

So these are our official 2016 Christmas Jammies photos by the tree....

and then I took it a step further and made the Christmas jammies our Christmas Card. See...I JUST did baby announcements...and I was being all scrooge about Christmas cards because 1. its expensive after having just completed a mass mailing but also I sorta didn't want to spend time organizing Christmas card pic + design or the money. But then....I had this idea to do our jammies and make our cards all about how much fun this year has been with the kids, and then I was sold.
Now, here is our official 2016 Christmas Card...Jammies and all!

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