Monday Motivation

Soooooooooo my baby weight isn't really coming off like it did the other two times. HA! I've accepted it. It's fine. I don't know if its that its my third baby and/or that I was older this time around or if my body is just tired or what but it didn't gain any extra...if anything not as much but I've been stuck at that same weight since about 2 weeks after I had lil miss. I kept waitng for my body to just snap back like it has in the past but I think I'm going to have to earn it this time. Which I can do. I want to. But, I'm NOT a fan of cardio and I will not diet as I'm still nursing. I do not sit around and snack or eat a ton of junk so there is nowhere to make changes in that aspect right now considering I need to keep my milk supply.  I'm ok with the size pants I'm wearing but I'm not ok with the amount of squishy I am. I'd really REALLY like to not have to buy ALL new clothes for spring and summer. Winter has been easier to work with what I have because layers are a muffin top belly's best friend but once the warmer seasons hit....we have a problem. 
and truly...I do believe my belly is visibly tighter than it was just a month ago so this photo isn't exactly a accurate representation of what I'm working on.
So, in mid December I found these on Pinterest and have been loving them because they are simple and quick. I don't have 30 min a day right now to work out but I can def find 10-15 min to complete some quick moves... and I'm actually beginning to see my tummy tighten and *maybe* even my legs and booty. I've focused most on my belly and waist though.

Per usual me....I have a hard time following rules and guidelines just as they are written so I'm kinda doing more of a mix and match of these challenges.
Anywhooooo I just thought I'd share these and the Blogilates site with y'all. They are super doable exercises if you are looking for something to get a jumpstart on your summer bod with then these might be a great option! I have high hopes of swimsuit shopping for a bikini in a couple months! Wish me luck! lol

Ps. Sadie was SO worth it. I totally choose happy sweet healthy baby over rockin bod ;-)

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