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YOU GUYS! I promise I'm not quitting my blog. It's just that 3 kids is NO JOKE! hahahahah But I have a few fun posts drafted and almost ready to go so I have some high hopes of getting more regular with my posting! Hang in there with me! hahahah Anyhow.... lets talk romance....HA! 

I have shared in the past a few times about dating at home. Lets face it.... if you have little kids at home its so so so hard to get out. 
First, its expensive. The cost of actual date plus babysitter... I mean $100 + goes a long way with diapers and shoes etc for your kids so its a hard pill to swallow to spend that on yourselves for just a couple hours. And secondly..Honest to goodness, by the time its the evening 95% of the time all I want is a hot shower and jammies and curl into the fetal position. Not heels and skinny jeans (dont get me started on jeans! Ahhahah)
But we all know its necessary to stay connected and spend special time with your spouse! We really believe we can't provide the happiest environment for our family if we arent on course. So making an effort to go out a half dozen or more times a year and also finding ways to stay at home date are the highest priority to us. 

We have a few various things we like to do..watching weekly tv shows does not count & just lounging on couch with a movie doesnt count for us either. We plan a special snack, drink, or meal after kids are all to bed and some entertainment. Usually one of us plans the whole thing. We have done wine and beer tasting nights, gaming nights, we have looked up recipes and made a replication of our favorite meal from our favorite restaurant before. But something we have recently gotten excited about is podcasts. We started listening to them on travel days over the last half of year while the kids are napping or watching a show while we drive but we started to love it so much that we dont want to wait for travel days. So we began podcast & wine night. You guys there are so many different podcasts out there that you can SURELY find something that sparks both of you and your spouses interests. We like to listen to Young House Love's podcast and Marriage More's podcast. I have followed the blogs for those people for YEARS so when both began podcasting I started listening here and there... and next thing I knew Tom joined in on our drives. I love that both always spark good conversation. 

I share this stuff on here because I, myself, love to get ideas and gather inspiration from other places of ways to date at home and bust out of the dating ruts we can get in. (Especially in the winter!) This one is just so easy though! Plan it for a Monday... give yourself a reason to be excited for a Monday for once! ;-) I hope maybe it sparked a new way you can share quality time with your spouse!

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