It has been a minute since I shared some family stuff on here so I thought I'd do a little "three" highlights/update again! 

Janae Rose

1. Is trying out a new dance class this semester called Dancapalooza. It is jazz based and much faster paced and she LOVES it. This girl likes to move!
2. Loves Smelly Belly TV on YouTube. Ok, ok...I like it too. I totally love to cuddle and watch it with her. Its a fun and cute family that just does the silliest things. For her 6th birthday we extended her bedtime 30 minutes and we love to stay up together drawing and watching Smelly Belly! 
3. She is working so hard on her reading and sound out words as she writes! Math is her favorite right now.

Jay Thomas

1. Jay is officially registered for Pre-K next year!! He will go two years since he has a summer birthday but he is SO EXCITED to go to school more days next year and participate in lunch bunch!
2. Legos!!!....more specifically car building is what fills his days. His creativity with Legos is exploding and I LOVE to see all his new creations. Lately we keep trying to see how long of a car we can make together!
3. He is working so hard on his ABC's and writing/spelling his name. We think he is a lefty, though he still tries to use his right hand some, so we have been working on both hands and trying to help him figure out how he wants to write. 

Sadie Claire

1. Was baptized a couple weeks ago and it was just the perfect day! 
2. Sadie had her first cold and ear infection over the last two weeks. But handled it like such a good girl. 
3. Hitting lots of milestones! Just started rolling over over the weekend. Sleeping at night in her room for a week or so now. And has taken a couple occasional bottles from ME now, as well as the random formula bottle thrown in every once in a while just so she gets sorta used to it before she gets too set in her ways. ;-)

Tom and I

1. We are just beyond happy and grateful and feeling so so so lucky and blessed to have each and every day with our family. #cuprunnethover
2. What I said above
3. Could probably use a little more sleep. lol

I had to throw this in because how awesome was this last weekend being 66 degrees and no need for coats!? We spent ALL weekend outside! 

Be back soon with some of our family favorites! Cant wait to share some of the things we have been loving! 

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