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We have been LOVING some You Tube entertainment as a family! Janae got us hooked on Smelly Belly and Jay adores The Axel Show. They are so cute in their own ways and we recently got hooked on Dude Perfect from a blogger that I follow. It's totally fun and I think giving Tom new life goals. <insert eye roll>

So MOST week nights we love to jam to some music after we eat dinner. I usually clean up kitchen while Tom and kids go play, dance, wrestle, burn energy while we blare our favorite songs. I thought I'd share our current favorite songs!! Jay loves "rock n roll" a LOT...Janae is a sucker for a good dance beat because that girl can't stop moving and groovin....and I've been loving some 90's/older songs! Although Hair Up from Trolls has been one of my main favorites for a family jam! 
But we love to play a good variety...new, old, ballads....everything. We have this portable speaker.. Tom had saved some best buy points at one point and got this for us a year or so ago and we have LOVED it.  It can go anywhere.(even outside since its waterproof) with us as we decide to move from room to room! But if your family likes music I would totally earmark a product like this for a family Christmas gift! Its worth it!! 

And finally I wanted to share some fun iPad apps!

from left to right-- Rolling Sky, Drawing Desk, Lego Junior, Dashy Crashy. We have been having a lot of fun with the kids on all these. We all enjoy all 4 of these. The rolling sky is hard for Jay but he is slowing getting better and better. The drawing app is so fun. As a fun little Mom thing...I love to draw something when they aren't around and then save it and make it their wallpaper on their iPad to surprise them. For Janae since we are working on reading I'll write her a note. For Jay I'll draw a cool truck or something. But I love seeing all the fun designs they come up with to. It has cute little stamp tools and such that you can use in that app. Its a fun one! Lego Juniors is such a fun little game that is right up Jay's alley. Janae enjoys it too from time to time but Jay loves when we hang out with him while he builds the vehicles and then does the course to unlock new people and trucks. Dashy Crashy is a little harder but it turned into an all afternoon family completion one Sunday. We all kept taking turns and then it turned into boys against girls It's been fun having the kids get old enough that we can all enjoy some of the same things! 

So thats some of our family entertainment we have been indulging in this winter. I have to say we are SO READY for nicer weather though so we can turn off the TV and iPads and get outside on more bike rides and get FRESH AIR!! But if you are in any sort of winter slump all this stuff is pretty family and age friendly that I shared!! 


Sadie and I face swapped the other week and I'm so happy with this...Tom HATES it.... but I think this is like pure GOLD. Please...if you are not already using an app that face swaps...DO IT. Its the best. I used MSQRD app.

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