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Smoothie Start Breakfast Scrub - So my Nae-Nae girl has that Keritosis Pilaris bumpy skin issue and her doctor suggested we use sugar scrubs on her skin a couple times a week to help smooth it. Now normally I like to make my own coffee scrubs but I didn't want to use coffee on her and I easily could have made a scrub which I prob will next time to add in some oils to further help the issue but I wanted to just treat her and myself to a yummy smelling product since it's not exactly "fun" to have to do this to a 6 year old...although she does always comment about how good her skin feels afterwards ;-) But anyway, I can't tell that it helps her skin that much but it does make both our skin feel super soft otherwise and it smells delicious! Perfect Target product in my opinion to through in a gift basket or  just a fun little at home spa day for yourself or your little girl!

Smashbox Cheek & Lip Stick I'm loving this guy and I have a makeup video coming up that I show how I personally use it. It's everything, eye-lip-cheek....whatever! It comes in a many colors so the particular color I got is for highlighting and not my lips. Its a quick and easy to use product! Be on the look out for my 5 minute - 6 product easy everyday makeup video coming probably next week! (I have a 5 minute hair video later this week!!)

Say Hello to Sexy Legs Tinted Glow Gel HELLO SPRING TIME!!! Also, HELLO PALE LEGS!!! haha! So I grabbed this stuff to help polish my skin and add some glow until I get it naturally from the pool this summer. I haven't used it a ton yet since we aren't totally into shorts season but I've read great things about it. But when I have applied it it does have a very pretty glow to it!!

Just Natural Body Acne Treatment So with both Sadie and Jay right around 5 months or so postpartum I've gotten some back breakouts. I'm guessing this is surely hormonal since I noticed it the exact same timeframe after both my last two babies. So, again, because we are going into warmer weather and I'll be in more tank tops and swim suits I wanted to try to see if I can get some of this eliminated. I don't always use it because sometimes I don't want to smell like it (it is not a bad smell at all...its just strong) and also its not always easy to apply to certain blemishes if Tom isn't around to help me. But I do think it helps dry up the spots. 

Dove Dry Spray Lets talk hormones again. It's the only reason I can think of that randomly last year when pregnant I suddenly couldn't bear to use regular stick deodorant. I tried many different kinds and had been using the Clinical Secret kind for years but all the sudden it was itching me SO BAD. I was seriously scratching until I had raw spots under my arms! SO CRAZY! So I did switch to their like creamy one (not the gel like one) and it did help a LOT. It didn't bother me near as bad but I would still occasionally have issues. So Tom kept trying to tell me to try an aerosol one. I tried another brand first  because to be honest I'm not a fan of Dove products in general but the one I tried literally choked me up every time I used it. I could not breathe when it went airborne. The deodorant was great but I just could not NOT choke and cough every time I used it. Thats when Tom INSISTED I try Dove because he LOVES his mens Dove aerosol. Like, since when does a guy actually care about any product? hahaha but I was like ok, I'll try your Dove brand...and I LOVE IT. It doesn't cause me any issues when I spray it and I think it works really well.  Never did I think I'd be writing about deodorant but after all the issues I've randomly had this last year with deodorants I felt like I needed to share that this one is really great!

Yes to Tomatoes Mask - Who doesn't love a little spa day!! I have been getting these cheap "paper masks" from Target for me and Nae every one in a while. They are so fun and way less messy than a mud mask. I really liked this detoxifying charcoal mask!! Again, like the scrub at the beginning of this post this is a great inexpensive treat for yourself at home or to throw into a gift! Love them!

So those are some great products I've been using lately!! You know me! I love to try new stuff!! So let me know if you have any MUST HAVE new recommendations! 

And be on the lookout for a couple 5 MINUTE quick hair and makeup videos coming up!!! 

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