Spring Shopping!

While Spring and Summer clothing isn't actually my favorite I'm very excited this year to not be pregnant and be a tad more comfortable! So I wanted to share some of my FAVORITE pieces I've gotten here and there over the last couple months. I tend to buy a full season ahead. I like to just buy as I see things I like rather than it all the sudden be warm and I have to do a whole shopping spree. So I'd say I've been snagging things here and there since Jan. I'm not fitting in all my old clothes yet but I am some of them so I'm feeling less panicked about having to buy all new clothes.

So my picks and trends I wanted to share are shown above. I finally went for it and got some Tory Burch flip flops. Last year all my other flip flops bit the dust so this year meant new ones. I'll prob still get a brown pair but probably more in the Target price range ;-)

The nude sandals are from Target and I'm BEYOND happy with them. I had been eyeballing these from Nordstrom which have a price tag triple what I paid at good 'ol Target!!!

I call this one a big WIN! They are crazy comfortable and my test is that I won't buy shoes if I don't think I could comfortably carry around my baby in them. These passed. Not too high or hard to walk in!

I'm  a sucker for white shorts and frayed shorts. (ok. I don't actually LOVE shorts at all if you have read here for very long you prob know that already, but they are kinda of necessary option when chasing kids all around) Over the last couple years I've gotten very picky about them tho. I almost only buy split hem frayed shorts now because I do enjoy the extra booty coverage back there. It's a little hard to see in the picture but you can see at the sides the back inseam drops down another 1-1.5 inches. Thank you to whoever making these.

And then I grabbed these pink J Crew Factory shorts. They are pull on so that equals comfy. They are looser fit in the legs and have some cute pockets. The material is a little heavier and stiffer so for a pull on short they look really nice and could be worn with those sandals above or you can pair with a tee and flip flops. Love the versatility of these guys! There are tons of other colors and prints...and I may end up needing another pair ;-)

White jeans! These are target...you can find white jeans anywhere though. But I think a spring and summer staple is white jeans. I adore white on bottom! I thought the zipper detail was fun on this pair though! And again, as most things with Target the price tag is super affordable.

I think I've mentioned Madewell tees before but I really like these. I always like to get a few basic black and white tees. They are just so easy to dress up with a blazer or throw on with your jean shorts and just be at a park!

Finally anything cold shoulder and exaggerated sleeves is right on point right now. I got this one on zulily a while back but I've already worn it a few times and adore it. The first time I put it on, Tom actually immediately commented that he has never seen a shirt more "me"....BONUS POINTS TO YOU BABE! I mean when your man notices and likes something thats always the best, right ladies?

So those are some of my favorite trends and pieces for the upcoming warm weather! What all are you guys buying!!?

Looking out -- I have a small product haul to share with you guys and then a little recap of a change we made in our playroom!

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